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  1. Another update on my C-175

    Mine uses the external snap ring i should be able to find it at Wal-Mart if the website correct
  2. Another update on my C-175

    Alright thank you the spindle a the rim are both still in great shape neither are damaged at all
  3. WTB Parts tractor in florida

    Haven't tried yet but I will now
  4. WTB Parts tractor in florida

    Did you mean eBay?
  5. WTB Parts tractor in florida

    Alright thank you
  6. Another update on my C-175

    @JERSEYHAWG / GlennYes its wobbly and loose its fallen off twice and actually the second time i couldn't find the piece that holds it on so i need a new one of those little clamp things to hold it on as well unless i can find the original one but that is very unlikely ij the grass
  7. Another update on my C-175

    @AMC RULES There is so much grease I cant tell but I'm 90% sure that's it because I have never seen that in the broken wheel
  8. Another update on my C-175

    @AMC RULES It is and its fast I just gotta figure out what it is i need to fix that wheel
  9. Another update on my C-175

    @JERSEYHAWG / GlennAlright it just seems like after a day nobody looks at the thread anymore thats why I've bern making new ones
  10. Another update on my C-175

    @SylvanLakeWH Thank you for the link but now I have the problem of not knowing what exactly it is I need
  11. I was driving it around after I got it running smooth and the front left wheel fell off turns out it didnt have the bearing or whatever inside of the rim around the spindle so it was just the rim on the spindle and obviously the inside of the rim is way bigger than the spindle so i dont know where to get the bearing
  12. WTB Parts tractor in florida

    I'm ISO a Blackhood parts Tractor with a deck in florida for 100$ or less
  13. tractors and lots of parts

    Is any of this stuff still available?
  14. C-175 Update

    I bought a battery and a fuel filter and cleaned the fuel pump thats all i did and it runs and drives! @953 nut and I'm hoping to buy that parts tractor soon and get the deck off it I can then mow with it and I'll paint it and replace the rear fender and I just went looking for the tractor in kissimmie and its gone😥