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  1. Snow thrower model

    I haven' found any numbers yet. But I did track down several Blowers with the triangular bearing flange. All were mid to late 1970's. Talked to Fuzz at S&K in Owosso, MI, he tracked down the bearing I need. Really knows his stuff. (989-723-2369) I also texted with a fellow who rebuilt his C-120 and blower (1973) bearings and more (same triangular bearing flange) (231-350-8360). He sounded willing to share his experience. Would be worth a call. Good Luck, will pass on any numbers I can track down. But I think you are right about interchangable parts. Just make sure they fit the 3/4" driveshaft. old5foot
  2. Snow blower/Charger 12

    Sorry, posted to the wrong thread.
  3. Snow thrower model

    Have you been able to ID the blower? I have a similar one. It also has a triangular plate holding the bearing on the chain drive socket. I am trying to ID mine so I can order new bearings. It also has a 3/4" drive shaft. The parts diagram for all the 1980 model years on PartsTree.com all show round bearing cover plate.Will let you kno if I have any luck. Appreciate your doing the same. old5foot
  4. Snow blower/Charger 12

    Did you find a model # on the unit in the picture? It looks very similar to what I just bought. Does it have a triangular plate holding the chain drive shaft bearings in place? Trying to ID mine so I can get the correct replacement bearings. Thanks old5foot