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  1. Wheele

    Here you go http://www.illstonandrobson.com/SR.html I have just made new tie rods for my Commando 800 using 3/8" rod and 4 new rod ends. It all works very well. Cheers
  2. I am aware how annoying it can be when help is requested and given but then no more is heard so here is my update on my transmission problems. As suggested I went ahead with cutting new keyways in my driveshafts. After a bad job by a so called professional, not my friend incidentally as he was too busy, I bought a solid carbide cutter and did it myself on my worktop milling machine. This is a fairly light weight machine but if you go gently it is pretty good. In the meantime I had ordered the parts I needed for my gearbox from Lowell who was very helpful . Many thanks Lowell! Delivery took a while but it was quite fun tracking the package from the USA to home. Once the parts arrived it was just a case of assembling the new bearings, seals and 3rd gear into the box and buttoning it up. My old wheel hubs were very bad from the woodruff key walling so I used a pair from a gearbox I found from Ebay. The tractor is now back together and is fine. I am now carrying out a refurbishment of my 10 year old mower deck so I am ready for next season. Once again many thanks for the help given by the members of this forum.
  3. Got it out!!! Phew that was tough. I drilled into the casing lugs and injected some Wurth Rost Off and left it overnight. This morning I hit it with a drift, quite hard I may say, but it didn't move. Then I tried some heat and got a little movement. Then I tried the candle wax idea and a much bigger hammer, well actually a large wood axe, and more heat and it started to go when hit VERY HARD. The box is now apart and not in bad condition at all. I am going to take the shafts to my friend with the mill and see what we can achieve. It is very satisfying to be making progress, thanks mainly to the help offered here which is very much appreciated.
  4. The problem is that the pin is stuck in the casing. I have cut the hitch off but the pin is well and truly "welded" in place. I have read most of the threads about removal and am about to try the candle wax approach. Drilling it out sounds like a long job!
  5. Many thanks for the videos/photos which will make my life much easier once I manage to get the b*****d hitch pin out!
  6. Many thanks to you all for taking the time to give me your thoughts/solutions. I think I will pull the transmission, extract the shafts and take then to a friend who has more skill than me and also has a Bridgeport mill. The idea of welding up the damage and re-cutting new slots sounds like a good long term proper engineering solution which will see me out! Once again thank you from the UK
  7. Well done! A spot on diagnosis! I have pulled both hubs and both keys are wrecked as are the slots in the shafts but the hubs look fine. Any suggestions for a fix would be very much appreciated!
  8. I am based in the UK and have a 1-0120 Commando 800 with a transmission problem. I have used this machine regularly for the last 28 years for grass cutting and have noticed that there is now significant backlash in the driveline, particularly noticeable when the slope of the ground changes. I guess that I will have to split the trans but I am rather concerned about what I will find. Has anyone else had this issue? Many thanks for your help.