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  1. The thanks you get?

    TT I would say your time is very valuable. When you go buy a home, you are not just paying for lumber, and wires.. you are paying for the knowledge and experience of a builder/ contractor. Some people want something for nothing, but then expect top dollar for what they have. People like this are just idiots. You are a literal encyclopedia of tractor information, with the mechanical ability to match. I wouldn't let an idiot get to you, after all there are so many you would be down all the time! B)
  2. Do you know anyone who runs vista? Vista is the best thing that has ever happened to Mac B)
  3. Hey Tickster!!

    I work part time for a man who owns trucks, excavating equipment, Pavers, Hot boxes, Chip and seal, rollers, forklifts, skid steers and many trucks. We do just about everything you can imagine. We have one truck that is a small tanker designed to lay tack or dust control 12 feet wide. We even have tankers and haul emulsion for the county. We have contracted many parking lots, and a few county roads. The bomag does not have two joysticks. It is a few years old, but i am sure there wasn't two joysticks. It was a repo we got really cheap. I know a little about paving...But by no means am I an expert! I am still learning. :whistle:
  4. Hey Tickster!!

    WOW, That is a big roller! I know we have a 14 ton bomag, And I thought that was a beast. 40k is a lot of shaking & packing!
  5. RV'ing

    That looks like a lot of fun. Where do you guys go, or is it random all over travel? Thanks for sharing.
  6. Got SNOW?

    WOW! Those views are amazing. Even If you didn't like snomobiling- Those views would be enough to want to go. I used to sled all the time, When I started having kids they got sold. Really breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.
  7. In my free time I like to mess with computers. I like p.c.'s, macs, and many linux flavors. I have messed with computers for about 10 years now, I have done some consulting, networking and sales (custom builds). I am phasing out of that now. I study kempo-jutsu, and ai-jutsu. Kempo is a very old style hard fist combat art, and Ai-jutsu is the art of the draw (draw cut) with the katana, not to be confused with kendo or japanese fencing. We also study the samurai arts armed and unarmed bujutsu. I too used to race r/c cars. it got too expensive when I started having kids.
  8. A place to relax

    that is beautiful man. I'm jealouos & wish I had that in my backyard. You just need some bamboo- It will grow in PA. We have it all around our dojo :whistle:
  9. 5 more simplicitys

    I have a simplicity just like that one, Except mine is an 11 horse. It looks the same though! nice haul
  10. Welcome to RedSquare (24-June-2008)

    :whistle: all. This truly is a great forum...The guys and gals are very friendly..And super knowledgeable! thanks for stopping by!
  11. Wheel horse is the best...

    I realize that wheelhorse is the best Garden tractor! But even the best champion will acknowledge worthy adversary's after a fight. So in your opinion what would be the second best, and third? I'm just learning about tractors, and wanted to know what you thought. I would love to hear what you have to say. Charles
  12. Mrs R "officially" joins the forum!

    :whistle: Mrs R. ...You husband has helped me tremendously, Its goodto have you here (officially)
  13. Wheel Horse- Work Horse

    WOO HOO! Another "GREY HORSE" Eventually these Red, And Black Tractor Guys will recognize us with the Power of GREY! Grey are horses too! Any way , Stick around and these guys will help get you up and running!
  14. Dukes machine was "Faster than molasses in January!" That was funny....But he gets a badge for trying! I wouldn't have lined up with my little horse. :whistle:
  15. You can see this is really leaning forward Any advice / Help? I'm lost !!the deck is riding on the ground but the front scalps and chews dirt sometimes because it is so uneven?