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  1. Christmas Surprise

    I am not the kind of guy that can look at a test panel/area and tell if the paint is going to come out the way I like, which can be daunting when trying to paint something. I thought I would like those colors, but wasn't 100% sure, when I saw them on your 1st pic of the colors you were using... That black looks FANTASTIC. And I sure like your idea with the seat pan, etc....when you shoot that red, I can "see" it, now...gonna be EXCELLENT!
  2. Late fall cleanup

    I've got a 312-8 and would love a 1054....so, love the pics!
  3. Christmas Surprise

    Been watching & following this thread since before I was even a member...this is so cool on so many levels; beyond even your build skills, Sir (which I think are outstanding)... I know it's been said many times, but it's the truth...Emory is one lucky young man. It'll be a Christmas he---or you, never forgets! And not just because of this cool build. It's no secret to my Dad that these Blackhoods jump out at me, and that caught my interest, for sure...but it's more than that, this one As a side note....this forum was the 1st place I was introduced to "stacks" on a lawnmower/garden tractor. My Dad, as well as I...well, I guess I just didn't/don't get it, on a using machine, though I s'pose there is a reason. But yours is the 1st machine I've seen with one that really speaks to me; shoot, I LIKE it, A lot! Emory made a great call, on that one...in fact, I'd probably do the same, someday, on one, if it came out lookin' that good; just like it belongs on there... Thanks for sharing this very special project.
  4. Show us your signs

    I love this sign! But then, I love the looks of those Blackhoods! I don't have any of this stuff...yet. But, I've always been into the whole "sign"; anything "paper" bit....it's as much a part of the history as the tractors; any given item. I don't have a big garage; not even the room for a stable yet, but this I can and do, get. Been into "boomsticks" for a long time, Rugers in particular....it amazes people to find out that the box some of those older pieces came in can be worth almost as much as the contents, sometimes more, for example. Thanks, all of you, for sharing these cool photos...keeps the juices flowing for this hobby, now, too, for this newbie.
  5. brake pedal fix, help/info wanted, please

    Thanks all, for the info. Gives me a place to reference, and start.
  6. Hello all, was wondering if anyone could help me out with info or advice on how to go about fixing my brake pedal on my '92 312-8. I don't know if it's just a pin/part that needs replacing, or there is more to it than that...I have hand tools, but am not really mechanically inclined---learning this stuff as I go. Pics/instructions to follow, would be appreciated. My machine is parked/put up for the winter, 'bout 120miles from here; going about lots of this backwards, I know, but I'm trying to build my store of knowledge, for now, Thanks for any and all help. Here is a pic for reference. Dad told me it is a common problem; we just didn't get to it lasttime I was back home, where it is stored currently (after going over fluids, cleaning, etc). I just like things to be "right"...he laughed when I found a replacement NOS hr meter for the pictured empty hole (now since installed),,,to him THAT was an uneeded "bell" (as in, ...whistle). If the mods need to move this post, no problem; I looked around, didn't see a "specific" place that fit better to post my question.
  7. Where are your winter Horses??

    I am currently a country boy who currently resides in the city due to some unforeseen events that came my way these last few yrs, so a Horse for winter would be overkill (though, as it sets, I have a snowthrower-in-waiting for my 312-8...long story, lol). For now, I have a rusty-but-trusty Airens snowblower that is good-to-go, in wait. That machine may be as old as me---but that 8hp Tecumseh starts on the 1st pull, every time...my neighbor has a new, shiny, hulking---cantankerous running---fuel injected Ariens...and is envious of me, lol. Someday soon, if plans workout, i'll have the real-estate for a herd and such. Until then, my WH hobby is "miniature" scale, compared to others....but I'm having a blast, looking/learning/watching projects
  8. New puller 320-Plus

    I LIKE! I'm new to all this tractor/pulling bit...may I ask, can you give any info/specs/details? I know it would be a long ways off, if ever...but I'm seriously thinking someday I may need to try n get into this "puller" thing
  9. Which horse is your favorite

    I won't claim a favorite, cause it's like was said above; maybe it's whichever I am after/want, currently. I have a short list of favoriteS though, that I'd like to own: GT-14 and any BlackHood (think these ARE a favorite, styling-wise); 953, and the C-160. You could add any D series...but...with all I've read/heard of them....I dunno if I'd ever actually want to OWN one, though I love the idea/looks of them. I think it'd be beyond me to maintain, but who knows. My Dad, more or less, believes there is nothing that can't be done with the standard Kohler 12hp tractor...and anything that needs more than that, well, they don't have "wheel Horse" decals on them; aren't any garden tractor. He owns an IH 2000 that he restored, with FEL and 3-point, for those types of chores. He may be right...Lord knows I've seen him do things with those 10 and 12hp WH's that I wouldn't have thought possible.... But where is the fun in only 1 tractor, I ask you? Side note: I do currently have only 1, my '92 312-8 that he recently gave me---it'll be the last tractor i'll ever sell, if that says anything definite
  10. I am not a Ford man, m'self---though I did own a 4x4 '79 F150 for a short time and long ago, now, back when I worked in the woods---but I like all that old iron, and that is nice to look @, too. I hope it treats you well. Actually...I can kinda see a wood floor in that bed, and Wheel Horse Red---ie, IH Red---on that sheetmetal, Yeah, I DO like. This...coming from a dyed-in-the-wool Chevy (70-72 especially!) guy. lol.
  11. Bringing a C125 back to life

    I'm new @ this, and would really like to know, too....haven't quite figured out, size wise, how much tire I could possibly get away with, on stock rims. And FWIW...a BlackHood is also on my short list, of WH's to own
  12. A Hello & Some Background

    Thankyou, and already caught...I don't even have this one straightened out all the way to my liking yet, nor do I have the room...and there is a GT14 in your classified section I'd like to snag. But shipping, even if possible, from MO...well, I haven't figured out a way...else it would already have a new home, anyway lol.
  13. A Hello & Some Background

    Just want to say hello & share a bit, to start. I'm not new to Wheel Horses, really, my Dad having owned them for as long as I can remember (he had @ least as many as 4 @ one time, that I remember). 20 yrs or more ago I remember we skidded ALOT of firewood with them before every winter; he plowed snow, cut lawn, etc. But it was only recently---these last few months---that I found a real interest in them, and told him so. I had always liked using/riding them, but never really said as much. Well, when I found out he more or less gave 2 away recently (they needed work), I kinda spoke up about the collectability, and how had I known, I woulda been glad to try n learn something, maybe fix them up. Then, just in talking/looking on the net, I learned more. He still had a '74 c-120; I bought a replacement headlight lens for him...he still hasn't installed it, but I think that's when he figured, and liked, that I found an interest, one that I know he always had. I will take this moment to state, straight up, that I am NO mechanic; nor am I mechanically inclined, like he is. But when we started talking Horses, him and I, I told him simply that maybe it was time I try to learn something new (small engines, and the like), and since I just like the looks of those Red Horses, it'd be neat to maybe try, and that'd be a good focal point, since he has experience with them. It's how I found this site; been lurking for months...and because of what happened next, has already been a big help & paid dividends, as i'll tell now. Was quite surprised last month when he told me he was going to look @ one, maybe two. He wasn't even going to take a trailer, 'cause he wasn't that serious. He came home late the next day with both, plus a handful of implements (all factory WH) and a homemade cab, with the help of the 1st fellow he bought from, lol. Imagine my surprise when he said one was mine, if I wanted. You'll see in those pics, the 1st time I took it for a spin...I dunno who is happier, him or me. It didn't have an hr meter, but he told me he thought it the better of the two. Well, b4 I even saw it, I found a NOS volt & hr meter for sale here, and bought them. Bolted/wired right in...I couldn't/wouldn't have bought one for the dealer price (I had checked). One final bit, then on to the pics...Dad bought his 1st WH from a local dealer way back when; Feldmann Sales & Service....as you'll see in one of the pics, There is a dealer sticker displayed proudly on the hood of it...kinda neat that @ sometime in it's life, this one, too, passed through there. They are still in business today; started out in 1956, selling WH---and the owner knows his Horses, and is a nice guy to boot (already bought some parts there). There is more I could add, but good enough for now...I already have plans for a next horse or two, as I'm able, if I can....I plan to be around for awhile, lol. Thanks for having me. And so...my 1st Horse....1992 vintage 312-8, on the 1st day I actually saw it. Annie, the Pointer, and Clara the Burmese / Border Collie mix checking things out. Annie likes to supervise EVERYTHING. Here's the whole fleet, now...FWIW, Dad has said 5 of those Husqvarna's don't equal ONE of the WH's, lol.