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  1. C141 blade and snow cab

    I am looking for a blade for a C141 not sure if I will need any of the lifting mechanism or not until I go through everything I received with the tractor. I am also looking for a softcab even if it is just the frame of one with the bars and roof. Located in southwest Michigan but travel to eastern Michigan and Ohio quote often.
  2. New to me horses(141 & 656)

    Awesome to know someone is that close of I get stuck. My brother took a couple pictures when they got them unloaded. I guess the old owner took the tierods off the 141 for the 656? I am going to have my brother get me some measurements and make new ones this week. Then this weekend i plan on going to the tractor junkyard by my house and hopefully find a 14hp kohler. They charge 75bucks for a 12 to 20 horse I don't think is a terrible price. If I can't fine a 14 I know for sure there are some 12hps there. I do have a question about the 656 rear it has a slot hitch on it but then has a long bar sticking out of that. Is this some sort of an adapter or set up to pull a yard car or something with a pin hitch?
  3. New to me horses(141 & 656)

    I have a picture of the c141 I won't have more pictures until I get them in a few weeks. I have more pictures of the cub then anything sadly lol.
  4. So I have never owned a wheel horse before. Grandfather got me into tractors and he has economies and the first tractor I bought when I bought my house was a Bolens. However my father was able to stumble upon a deal for some from one of his friends. I got a C141 for 10$ no front steering arms and no motor. I am thinking I will find a 14hp kolher restore this and keep it for my self. I am curious is there a sleeve hitch for this tractor for a plow disc etc? I also was able to get a 656 with a bad HH60 complete with deck in decent shape for 50 bucks and a cub cadet 1450 for 50 which is going to be my father in laws Christmas gift. The 656 is way to small for me so I plan on rebuilding it and selling it. I am trying to decide if I would have better luck selling it if it is restored to new condition? Also what are these worth roughly in running mowing condition? I will post up pictures when I get them from my parents house in the next couple of weeks. Also if anyone as pictures of the steering linkage setup on a C-141 that would be great. It is missing the tie rods and I am thinking I will probably make some new ones from scratch for it out of 1/2" tool steel from our shop and drill and tap the ends to thread it all together. If anyone can point me in the direction of some manuals that would be great as well.