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  1. Snow thrower model

    I have not. It's all confusing to me they have so many that all look the same but all different numbers. I assume most the parts are all interchangeable
  2. 06-42ST04 Parts

    Looking for some parts for a 06-42ST04 snow thrower. Figured I'd ask on here if anyone has parts? Or if anyone could recommend reputable sites to order from. I believe these should be most the parts I need. Thabk you in Advanced.
  3. Snow thrower model

    Ok cool. Unfortunately you can not reed the data play at all. Also you have any idea what side the lift tube and flag go on?
  4. Snow thrower model

    Can you tell me what I'm missing here?
  5. Looking for a plow

    I live in up in New England I'm looking for a snow plow for my C-120. Preferably in NE or just out side of.
  6. Snow thrower model

    Ok thank you for the information! I appreciate it.
  7. Snow thrower model

    Dose the with include the side wings? The auger on mine is only 36" across.
  8. Snow thrower model

    New to this page. I just got my C120 that me and my father restored 8 years ago. Never had a chance to restore the snow thrower. Trying to figure out what model it is so I can order parts. thank you in advanced. It's a 75 C120 all original.