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  1. A couple of years ago I purchased a used tiller attachment (model: 07-36TL03) for my WH 312-8. It was (and still is) my hopes to get it operational so I can help my grandfather (who's 95) plant his flower bulbs every year, without having to fight my old Montgomery Ward/Gilson walk-behind. Since then, I have been working on getting all of the necessary parts and fabricating pieces when needed. Aside from buying a belt, the big task now is to fix the two leaky seals on the tine shafts. I have a manual from one of the Yahoo groups, but it is for an older model (the pictures are very close). The parts I'm looking for specifically are as follows (or close to these): #6838 - Needle Bearing 1-1/4" ID x 1" (x2) #103118 - Seal 1-1/4" ID (x4, according to the manual) #6851 - Gasket Questions -- 1. Are these seals and bearings for the tine shafts still available through Toro? Is it something I could find generic at Tractor Supply (or similar)? 2. In regards to the gasket for the casing, is this still available or would I be better off just buying material and making my own? What about using the silicon stuff in lieu of the paper material? Or in conjunction...? 3. What gear oil is recommended for the Tiller attachments? (the color and consistency of what came out closely resembled chocolate milk) Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Geoff - in MD
  2. Mower Deck Por-15 or Power Coat???

    Since I am accustomed to working with POR products with car restorations (current project: frame off resto for my '68 Impala, using POR for the frame), my vote would be POR-15. I've been wanting to paint the under side of my deck for my 312-8...I just haven't gotten around to it. POR is expensive but also worth the investment if applied properly. I recommend brushing it on by hand and making sure there are no drips. I've never sprayed with POR, but I've heard some horror stories. It adheres to EVERYTHING and doesn't wash off. Good luck! :D
  3. Hey Everyone, They're calling for a little of the white stuff here in MD on Saturday and while I've already installed my blade, I've noticed a minor issue I'd like to try and resolve. When I have my blade lifted off the ground, I've only got 1-2" of clearance. Is there any easy way to make an adjustment to this so I've got closer to 3"? I see there is an eye hook under there that is not easy to access that could give me an extra half inch, maybe more. I was also thinking about fabricating a new bracket between the lowering arm and the blade mount with a slightly shorter bolt pattern. ALSO, has anyone ever had an issue with the handle that allows you to pivot the blade hitting the muffler when pushed forward? Perhaps the replacement muffler (before my ownership) is incorrect -- it mounts along the top of the head instead along the corner of the block. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. BTW, my tractor is a 312-8 (21-12K805), manual lift. Thanks! Geoff
  4. Air Horse

    This is an interesting find: Wheel Horse Air Horse eBay - Wheel Horse Air Horse I don't know for sure if it is authentic but it is certainly a neat rig at the very least.
  5. Indicator Lites

    I've been looking for this sort of information since I bought my 312-8 back in the spring. I've posted on a different forum regarding Wheel Horse tractors but nobody was able to answer my questions. Anyway, when I took apart my indicator board, I found out that it doesn't have any grain of wheat bulbs in it. Zero, nada. Do the bulbs just fall out over time? How do you reinstall these bulbs? My indicator board appears to be in good condition (clean-ish at least, from what I remember). I'm not much of an electronics technician but I can be handy with a soldering iron. I'm interested in trying to get this aspect of my tractor functional again so it is in full working order (without replacing the unit, which is like a $140 piece from partstree.com). :ychain:
  6. New Guy from MD

    Hello everybody! My name is Geoff and I'm from Maryland. I've enjoyed working on tractors/small engines since I was young, all thanks to a go-kart gifted to me by my parents when I was 11 (and still have, 15 years later). Over the years, I've learned how to work on just about anything that has a gas engine on it and thoroughly enjoy it. I started becoming a Wheel Horse fan a few years back when I started looking to buy my first home. Although I come from a Sears/Craftsman and Cub Cadet family, I was always partial to our neighbor's Wheel Horse 417-8 and 520-HC. This spring, I bought my first house and of course the first thing I invested in was a Wheel Horse tractor. After a short search, I stumbled upon a 312-8 (on Craigslist) locally and met with the seller to see his machine. I immediately fell in love with it and bought it on the spot. I know it's used and had a few quirks, but I enjoy having a project to work on that I can still use. Since then, I've gone out and purchased a used bagger system, a used snow plow/wheel weights/chains, and a tiller attachment that is solid but needs work. I couldn't be happier. Anyway, although I've been researching Wheel Horse tractor information from this site for a while now, I decided it was finally time to join and introduce myself. I am a die hard fan and read new postings just about every day now. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge, I hope I can contribute in the near future. Geoff