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  1. ISO Tiller for 314-8

    I’m new to this, I will try and figure it out. Thanks
  2. ISO Tiller for 314-8

    I’m looking for a tiller for my 314-8 in the Midwest area. Thanks!
  3. Snowblower

    Thanks for the help. I am going to pick up one that fits this Saturday. What’s a good price to sell the one I have?
  4. Snowblower

  5. Snowblower

    Do you know if there is any way of making it work with a 314-8?
  6. Snowblower

    I recently picked up a Wheel Horse 36” Snow Blower. It looks brand new, the numbers on the tag are below. I can not find anything online about it. I would like to know what year it is and what it fits. Thanks 0636SL01 50895 8239