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  1. Carburater help

    I have a D160 with a onans b43m. I need a carb kit and when I look up my carb which is 146-0479 it comes up that the number carb is for a b48m. Does my engine have the wrong carb?. It has a electric fuel pump which don't seem right
  2. Thanks for looking out pacer. A while back I posted the number off the tractor and found out it was a 81 d 160. When I got it I was told it was a 76 but that guy wasn't sure. It looked like crap when I got it
  3. Thank you. Just ordered them
  4. Where can I find a sticker kit for my 1981 d160 twinn?
  5. The 81 d160

    Just about finished
  6. What is this called

    Yea its on a onan twin
  7. What is this called

    On bottom on flywheel shroud
  8. The 81 d160

    What's the difference between the sticker kit that says d160 twin automatic vs d160 automatic
  9. The 81 d160

    Foot rest pads where still in great shape so I just taped them off and repaints them flat black
  10. The 81 d160

    Sand blasted everything down to bare metal What's Terrys decals?
  11. Got my first wheel horse d160

    Rims look white in picture but they are gloss ivory
  12. The 81 d160

    Yes it will but I covered all the important stuff with plastic. Lol
  13. The 81 d160

    Its coming along great. Alot of work but will look awesome when done( rims look white in pic bit I use ivory gloss to make it look more factory) I used Rustoleum regal red out a hvlp gun
  14. What year and model?

    So its a 1981. I click on picture bit it won't focus when I try to make it bigger