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  1. So...Who got this deal???

    The title of this thread is "Who got this deal" So it seems like the intention was "Hope somebody from Redsquare got it" because in the end what matters is the tractors going to people who care about Enough negativity in the world, let this be the one place we can respect and be nice to each other.
  2. Haha that is a great idea! I just put some smoke bombs in the tunnels though.
  3. Haven't done much to the trailer need to get some time to weld it up but I had to take the trailer out of the garage and into the shed because my wife is doing a garage sale so i took a photo of it together. Forgive the grass.. Mole problem.
  4. It’s Wheels and Tires Wednesday!!

    Figured I would post if somebody (like I was) is looking for what these tires look like I got Deestone 23x10.50-12 for the rear and what everyone says is true they run small on width. I was ok with that but these can't be more then 1/2" wider then the stock tires. The fronts are Deestone tririb 4.00-8 and I like them! I will say if you get them shipped to you, you might be suprised at the way they look. Don't worry as soon as you inflate them on the rim, and install them you will love them
  5. There is a bolt that goes through the bottom of the u shaped pivot that keeps it on when dumping and such.
  6. Yep they sure are! Here is a coffee table I have built with some help from the kreg pocket jig.
  7. Worked on the trailer and grillin
  8. I'm sorry too late lol but yeah that would have looked good too
  9. Made sides for it that I will paint white. Edit: after I posted this I added another horizontal slat
  10. It kinds looks like it does, but no it doesn't. and I don't really see how drums would be put on it. Thanks! Yep I'm glad to have something to work on too
  11. Made some more progress today!
  12. And got the bed and frame apart so I can finish the frame and get the bed welded before painting. Also so you guys can see how it was built better.
  13. Got the other tire mounted up.
  14. Side Shot Saturday !!

    Best looking mower around.
  15. Got a little more work done to it. And honestly I may just weld up the hole and just go with the bed it has, and just wait until I need to get a new floor, to replace it. Or if I find some metal that works.