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  1. Anyone wanna help??

    Richard...if you have some questions...please start a thread and ask. I do not pretend to know everything about transmissions. Quite honestly, I learn along with you guys as to what is out there and available and different experiences that some of the members have had. What I bring to the table is this....the transmissions are very easy to work on...finding out what is wrong may not be that hard..to clean it and put it back together may save much dollars...pictures help a lot...if I am wrong there are 45 + people to correct me...we both learn... This is like you brought it over to my garage and we spent the day tearing into it. Being retired, I can be here during the day and you will not have to wait until the next day for an answer. even if you are 6 hours later. There are some very knowledgeable people on this site, I just happen to be able to be available most of the time. Like to help if I can... Thanks Bevan...that really means a lot to me...really want to see a video of that trans working.... I will post a video of the trans to show how the transmission is acting. It will probably take a day or so. Sorry it has taken me a while to respond. Alot on my plate right now. I should have some free time to take said video tomorrow. Oh! Steve! I got your email and I thank you! Im sure that it will really help to have a visual!
  2. Anyone wanna help??

    Having a manual will help me quite a bit.. PM will soon be sent. If its pics of the tractor you are inquiring about, check out this thread.. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?showtopic=12915 Whereas, pics of the trans. I dont currently have any. Dont worry though, I will post pics of it soon! My A800 has my full attention as of right now. As soon as I get one problem squared away on it. I will start pulling the trans apart on the Raider.
  3. Anyone wanna help??

    I do know that the hubs are on there quite well. (I tried to pull them off myself and had no luck.) My transmission is the 6 speed with hi/low. So, according to what you are saying.. It may be the wrong transmisson for my tractor. It does shift smoothly through the gears as well as high and low. Hopefully the parts that I may need are still available at my retailer and they are relatively cheap. I should be able to tackle the problem myself with minimal swearing and bashing my head on the walls of my garage. I pulled the transmisson myself the other day and had a friend come over with one of those fancy camera/scope thingies and we didnt see anything out of the ordinary. But, as stated before.. The pinion is kind of a self contained thing. So, we couldnt really see that. It was pretty neat regardless. I was thinking of maybe trying to purchase a new gearbox in hopes that I can get one relatively cheap. (I cant afford much since I am on a tight income.) Would it be cheaper to rebuild this trans or, buy another? I cant say since I am fairly new to the whole WH scene. I have 2 now and am learning more and more everyday! So, any learning involved will be more than welcome! :)
  4. Hey guys.. I never thought I would be saying this. But, my Raider has formed a transmission problem. I fear that it may need rebuilt. When I go to riding it to do some yard work it tends to jerk in a rhythmic fashion. After jacking up the rear end of the tractor and spinning the rear tires, it chatters. I flushed the transmission with some oil and found no shavings or metal chunks. So, the reason I am asking for help is the fact that I have never pulled a trans apart before. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello....new at the RedSquare

    :) Great looking C-125 there!
  6. Newb from Canada

  7. A freebie I got just the other day!

    Yes sir!! :)
  8. A freebie I got just the other day!

    Well, until my is mow ready.. I mow with this mower.. FREE IS GOOD!!! :)
  9. My pair after a good cleaning.

    Thank you gentlemen! I agree on the K-181. Good runners and awesome workers!!
  10. My pair after a good cleaning.

    Thank you sir! :USA:
  11. My pair after a good cleaning.

    Thank you sir! :)
  12. Well, last night.. I broke out both of my 'horses! So, I decided to make my own photo shoot of them both! I will have to do one when I finish touch ups on my A-800. Here they are! Pics of my Raider 8 and the A-800 Ranger! I had fun romping with the pair and cleaning them both! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!
  13. I got me a new "toy" today!!! 1974 A-8

    I worked on it a little this morning and found the original paint under all that dirt! I also found that the rear tires have tubes in them which really doesnt bother me. I will continue working with it and see what else turns up!
  14. A freebie I got just the other day!

    I totally agree about FREE!!!! For your kind comment!
  15. Pulling with Raider 12

    Awesome! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)