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  1. PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    How about a drive belt guard for a 502, 552 or 702?
  2. PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    Do you have the drive belt guard for a 701?
  3. 20180803_181206[1].jpg

    Me too, more pic! I love that look. Love the muffler too, any more info available on it?
  4. Bump
  5. HY-2 broken spring! Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I clamped it down nice & level to a drill press and I fought for hours going through two expensive bits and didn’t get very far at all, just 1 or 2 mm at best! At the end of the day I went with @WHX20 suggestion. Carefully measured the depth needed and drilled two new holes immediately below the originals. I hated to do that but there was no other option. Seems to work perfectly fine now. If this happens again I think I’ll do a modification to the new style that doesn’t slide into the pump head but rather rests against the pins. Wish I had gone that route to start with but I already bought the spring.
  6. 1054 Hydraulic Lift Pump Diagram?

    Perfect, Thanks Lowell. I didn't realize it was bundled inside the 1054 manual, I should have thought to look there!
  7. 1054 Hydraulic Lift Pump Diagram?

    Yup that's the one! Is that manual on this site anywhere?
  8. Need help locating the Hydraulic Lift Pump Manual/Diagram that came on the 1054. I found the HY-2 and HY-3 manuals but they are both for the old style pumps. The 1054 pump is the one that came with the redesigned return spring as well as the needle bearing upgrade to the drive gear shaft & brass bearing upgrade to the second idler gear. It also has a fill plug in the middle of the reservoir and the control lever bolted to the pump (instead of screwing in).
  9. HY-2 broken spring! Any suggestions?

    10-4, just happen to have the correct size in carbide. I think if I go slow and keep cutting oil on it should be ok. Just might take a long time to get it done. Could be a prob if the broken leg starts spinning with the bit tho.
  10. '61 Rock shaft removal tips needed

    This 701 is fighting me - it just doesn’t want to let go of that rock shaft. I tried above suggestions & welded a bunch of lines @ 170A, saw no puffs of dust & wouldn’t budge. Then soaked all entry points two times a day with PB Blaster and tried the air hammer, no go. Heated it up with torch and put water on it, stil stuck. Guess last thing to try is fabricating a puller bracket to get it off.
  11. HY-2 broken spring! Any suggestions?

    Tried all the above last night. Man these things are wedged in there real good. Not sure what’s lefts to try, other than putting it on a drill press and carefully trying to drill out the broken off legs. I’d image I would have to go very slow so the bit don’t slip off the legs and start drill through the pump at an angle???
  12. HY-2 broken spring! Any suggestions?

    I’ll try this in the meantime
  13. Hope I posted this in the right section... Got my new HY-2 spring in the mail but I cannot get the old broken legs out of the pump to save my life. They are broken off about 1/16 inside the holes so there’s nothing to grab ahold of and pull. What successful things have you guys done to get your broken springs out? They are sitting in there pretty good and tight, unsuccessfully tried a strong magnet.
  14. Reo - RR65

    Well ain’t that the coolest little mower. This would be awesome to completely restore and use every weekend! Wish I was closer! Gonna add one of these to my WH bucket list. GL!