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  1. WTB Battery Clamp from 701, 702, 552, 502, 32R & 32E

    Very easy indeedy, and I do have some - but it won’t be original or have that beautiful aged look of an old wheel horse part!
  2. 1961 701

    I know this is an old thread, but I read about this just the other day in on of the 701 manuals or services bulletins for this mower deck. Wheel Horse called it "Windmilling" when the blades rotated on their own while disengaged. It said to prevent windmilling make sure the deck is in the raised position. least that was the solution back in 1961 for thought. Being a 701 owner myself I REALLY enjoyed reading this build. Thank you very much for sharing it with us!
  3. 1961 701

    I used the KBS process when I built a 14ft trailer because it doesnt get parked under any kind of protection. That was years ago, the trailer has always sat out in the open hot FL sun, nasty humid rain and is even nearby an oak tree that appears to take pleasure in piling leaves on the trailer between uses. Not a single evidence of any rust yet! I now swear by KBS as far as rust performance. Proper application was a bit of a time consuming pain though. It was a three-step process + your own paint. 1) Clean with a product, 2) Treat with another product, and 3) lastly apply their rust coating product. You then have a limited window to paint over top of it with your own paint. It is not recommended to paint over KBS after it has fully cured due to issues with paint adhering to the cured KBS surface. All that being said, The trailer surfaces certainly don't get the harsh blasting that the underside of a mower de3ck gets. I don't know of ANY product that can stand up to the harsh sand blasting environment of the underside of a mower deck! If this is going to be a work tractor, time tested practices include cleaning and painting the underside of the deck each season to keep it healthy. It would be a waste of time and money IMO to do anything other than just using good paint on a mower belly. If its going to be a show tractor - then Id recommend just using better paint, but I doubt the 701 in this build will EVER get left out in the elements long enough for rust to ever settle under a good paint.
  4. 701 is finally home!

    @BPjunk Can you post those pics? I have a 701 and i'm not aware of the special thumb screws with the step cut in them that you mentioned, would love to see them.
  5. Anyone recognize this Work Horse?

    I want that motor, zowie! Grey paint is on poiint, beautiful change up to the color scheme. Thanks for sharing.
  6. My 701 journey

    Installed new hitch, drawbar & pin from @Jake Kuhn, thank you sir. Sometime in its previous life the old hitch was welded on with a funky support that winded all the way into the toolbox where the other end was also welded to the seat spring in the toolbox. That was fun getting off. I think someone just welded whatever pieces of metal were within arms reach. Here’s a before and after.
  7. My 701 journey

    Installed new choke and locking throttle cables. In its previous life the old cables rested against the muffler melting them to a goo from another planet ...and the new cables wanted to do the same so I made three cable clamps from some thin metal and bolted them to the motor to keep the fuel line/cables/wires from flopping around. Also installed header wrap to help contain some of that heat near so many wires/cables.
  8. What have you done on your WH today?

    Thanks for the response. You mean the hydro on your 701 wouldn’t be strong enough to lift it? Or the frame on the 701 isn’t beefy enough to support the weight? I assume there are adapters to fit the newer style attach-a-matic implements to front and rear?, but I understand that most belly mount implements prob wouldn’t work due to the shorter frame. BTW nice 701! Would love to have hydro
  9. What have you done on your WH today?

    Great tiller. What prevents someone from hooking one of these up to a older WH, like a 701? Sorry for the noob question.
  10. My 701 journey

    I’ll need to post a video one day to demonstrate how well it stops, it’s amazing. When the petal is depressed the top piece of rubber comes down and pushes the belt against the pulley, then as the pulley moves forward and down it comes in contact with the second (lower) piece of rubber that’s stationary & attached to the petal return spring bracket. Somehow the whole contraption keeps pressure off the engine shaft pulley but keeps belt tight around trans pulley. ...You are the second person to mention about the fabric belts, it must make a big difference?
  11. My 701 journey

    Discovered I had no brake shoe left what so ever. But the thing stops on a dime - ...seriously it has some of the best brakes I’ve ever had. Well I found out a PO rigged up his own brakes, and it’s pretty genius if you ask me. He riveted a small piece of tire tread to a bracket and attached it to the driven belt pulley (see pic). So when you push the clutch in all the way the belt rubs on the tire and it stops... and I mean stops good. I’ll prob replace the brake shoe eventually and leave this on as a reminder. Love finding these little fixes the PO’s did, just wish I knew the stories behind them. ...some other homemade things I’ve found include a welded on trailer hitch, bass boat seat, aluminum dash panel, rubber-stopper on the primary engine shaft?, engine cooling louvres in the grill, John Deere 110 rear inside wheels, whole slew of carb gaskets wired to the throttle cable, x-tra angle braces from the trans to the frame. Shifter-boot made from a steering rack boot and a fuel line clamp holding on the secondary double pulley.
  12. My 701 journey

    @Chris G sent me this awesome 753 belt guard! No more worrying about my 2yr olds shoe laces getting caught in the belt pulley when she rides on my lap!!!
  13. My 701 journey

    Today I made a new bracket and tacked a couple nuts to the back of it. This is for the coil and condenser — to shift them to left in order to keep the spark plug wire from rubbing the carb. The way it used to be the thing was wedged under the carb, it always bothered me, even made putting the hood on/off a pain. Once moved left all the coil wires were now too long so I rotated the coil so the + was on the left and condenser and - was on the right. Much better now, no more interference with anything and the hood has tons of room now too. (...Yes I’m saving all the original parts I’ve been removing in case I ever want to restore it. )
  14. My 701 journey

    Its the pin that the long arm that goes to the camshaft pivots on, not the primer arm. The pin on mine moves with the long arm but I don’t know if it’s supposed to or not, seems like it would always leak if that’s the case.
  15. What have you done on your WH today?

    How does that stuff do against rusty bolts? That carb turned out great nearly looks brand new. Surprised you don’t have any issues. Says on the label not to soak aluminum more than 4 hrs!