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  1. Kohler Rebuilding

    Shipping from 33803 FL. I have a k161 that’s smoking but I still use it
  2. Do duals pop wheelies more than single rears?

    I know am late to the party, but what model did this belt finger come on? ...or maybe it is it custom made? I think the old RJs had them, but I thought they went away during the round fender era and came back later. But this pic looks like a round fender ...even 701 possibly. For the record, I’m running duals on my 701 and have no issues at all with it unexpectedly popping the front up. Now I did try to pull 4500lb car out of grass in 1st gear that had been sitting there a while and yes it would slowly climb up then, but not when I don’t have anything attached. I can actually feather the petal and slowly increase speed, its all works very smooth - oh and I have the fabric belt. I previously had a cogged rubber belt and honestly it wasn’t that bad. I think if everything is adjusted properly you’ll be ok no matter what belt you have, but some belts will be a little smoother than others. I’m very happy with the fabric belt I have now.
  3. 20140831 124709

    Love this 3-rib, is it the deestone?
  4. LED small task lights

    Great write up and thanks for the product suggestion if you can pin point the product packaging please share! Magnetic LED lights are extremely handy ...and I feel the same way you do about having so many flashlights, I have one entire drawer of my tool box stuffed full of LED flashlights & work-lights and my wife just rolls her eyes. If they are incandescent they get donated - Ive fallen for those LEDs! What sold me on them was not only the brightness but like you I also found mine still on and shining bright a days after accidentally leaving it on! ...I actually prefer the AA type though because I can use the lithium AA's in there. Happy lighting!
  5. @A-Z Tractor Thank you sir for continuing to keep myself and my dads build going. you keep coming up with the parts we need at reasonable prices and we appreciate it! If anyone needs a part, he hasn't let us down yet! More-so than any other forum that Ive visited — seems like everyone here is a great group who are eager to help and try to have a good time while doing it. I like logging in and seeing the themes change too, Kudos to whomever takes the time to do that
  6. Dads 854

    Even though it’s kept in a fully closed garage he’s already bought a one and has been soaking/flushing the trans with diesel over and over. Still not coming out clean though. A tear down & rebuild is inevitable.
  7. Dads 854

    The good: He got it running, said it seems like the more times he cranked it the better the starter seemed to do. Got to love these old beasts! Absolutely no smoke too, couldn’t be happier at the price he paid, will try to get a video on here soon! He’s got new front tires ready to put on and he’s got 1-set of Rears off my dually’s until he decides what to get back there. The bad: PO didn’t replace a $10 shift boot and trans was full of nasty chunky rust water, I’m sure it all came in through the missing boot. It’s turns and shifts but has crunchy sound on right outer bearing - reminds me of eating cereal - maybe I’m too hungry . Going to eventually tear it apart and rebuild it with new bearings.
  8. 1054 drive belt problem solved... I think

    His original spring prob broke and he had just as hard of a time finding a replacement as you are
  9. 1054 drive belt problem solved... I think

    Repair Clinic shows it being listed as also fitting a snow blower. Maybe that will broaden the audience and someone can chime in https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Spring/1129/2147795 If you have an Ace Hardware/Crowder Brothers near you they have a huge assortment of springs. I'm sure you could find one in there nearly identical to the original if someone replies with spring specs. Just FYI - mine has also been replaced with a small spring and a coat hanger attached to it goes the rest of the distance
  10. Looking Around

    I think the aluminum dash has got to be the most widely used popular mod on the 701 - bar none!
  11. Jealous of you guys who get to play in the snow. About the only thing my WH will ever clear out in the winter is its own throat. Last winter I think it got down to a whopping 69° for about 2 days.
  12. Dads 854

    Dad cleaned out the tank and also installed a few new parts: fuel line, filter, carburetor, spark plug, wire, condenser and points. ...Getting closer! Hooked up a good battery and the starter generator doesnt seem to have much umph. Turns the motor VERY slow - much slower than my 701 in fact. It seems to stop after a rotation or so and then turn again before stopping again ,,, almost like the ACR is not working. Is that possible? Have you guys ever seen one of these K181's not release the compression?
  13. Dads 854

    A-Z, did you ever receive my email? I sent one shortly after your post about a starter belt guard but I haven't heard back from ya yet. No rush - I just want to make sure you got the email.
  14. Dads 854

    You guys were correct! It appeared to us to be a centered pulley, but there was so much grease and dirt on the inside that it was covering up the offset part. So we flipped it and its perfectly aligned once again. Why in the world would the PO put it on backwards and then go to the trouble of modifying the belt guard to make it work without scrubbing the pulley? Is there ever a situation any of you can think of where you would need to reverse a offset drive pulley like that?
  15. Dads 854

    Yes that helps tremendously thank you very much. His pulley does not look like that (at least not that side of it), hopefully it’s just on backwards.