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  1. 520h Electrical trouble

    That brings up another question. I gather the switch can be bad even though your not getting the blinking signal on the dash? As nothing is blinking except for oil pressure and normally if a switch isn't activated it does. Thanks much
  2. 520h Electrical trouble

    Here's my story.... My 416h blew the back exhaust valve seat so pulled it aside for a winter project. Find a 520h for sale locally and bought it. Not in great shape but motor and hydraulics are dry and works well. Mow two times and then it won't start. Read here about the fuse block and other electrical problems so run a wire from the switch to the starter and add rewiring to the winter list. After two mowing's I now have to start it, shut it down and turn the key back on quickly to shut the starter from continuing to run. I changed the switch and didn't fix. I really cant have a lot of down time as I have too much grass to mow. I'd hate to buy a third mower as I'm low on space. Any thoughts for a quick fix, short term of course? TIA Jonas
  3. steering slipping

    You guys seem to be correct. I see now that the shaft is turning when it jumps. These Onan motors take so much room I guess removing the battery and tray will give me a good shot at checking it out. I still have to mow with it for awhile so it's a quick fix or just hope it continues slipping but still turns ;)
  4. steering slipping

    Before I go and start digging into why the steering wheel jumps (skips) when I turn hard and fast on my 416, has anyone else dealt with that problem? I know my C121 couldn't do that as the wheel is pinned to the shaft but I gather the 4 and 500's are not. Thanks!
  5. I've had nothing but C tractors in my life up till now. My 79 c121 needed the motor rebuilt as my lawn is very hilly and is hard on the motors. So I had a chance to get a 96 416h just last month. I'm sold on the tractor for sure. What suprises me is (1) the air the flywheel pushes threw the motor as grass has to be knocked off the screen often and yet everyone has heating concerns. (2) How light the front wheels were as I guess that 16 twin is lighter then the cast steel kohlers of the C tractors. Had to add front wheel weights to keep the front from lifting. (3) This puppy can suck fuel like a no tomorrow. Jonas
  6. Jonas's pics

    1996 416H
  7. A little progress in restoration

    Nice job! Great to see one of these guys in the perfect home! Don't drop that deck until you wheel her up :thumbs2:
  8. pics??

    http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?showtopic=1071 Should help you out! Jonas
  9. C-101 steady progress

    Great job! Love your stone wall as well. Jonas
  10. c121 auto no reverse

    Well, as an update I can say the c121 is back in action. I replaced the pump and valve along with new seals and gaskets and without the strainer. New filter and oil and I was good to go. I'll wait till winter to tear down the old pump and valve to see what went wrong if anything besided the floating strainer. A buddy felt sorry for me mowing my 2 acres by push mower while I was waiting for parts and dropped off a Sears tractor for me to use. It had the 20hp vertical motor that more power then it would ever need. Felt like I had my legs rapped around a 50 gal drum and the mower deck did not have one single roller in the front so getting to close to a tree root would sit you in the seat as it would stop the tractor instantly. I don't like the hydro lever next to you in the seat so I guess I'll stay with my older, stronger and educational wheel horses Jonas
  11. c121 auto no reverse

    Here is a picture of what I'm talking about. WH calls it a stainer as it is a screen that has a magnet on the end to help. As you can see the end cap came off the strainer let it break free and just float around. It goes in the bottom hole the transaxle.
  12. c121 auto no reverse

    Why would WH put a screen inside the transaxle? Once I took my transmission off the transaxle I seen at the bottom of the transaxle laid a screen. It seems that it was suppose to be in the bottom hole of the transmission but had broken off at some point. Either way it is now a discontinued item so once I get the gaskets and seals I'll try it without it floating around in the bottom of the the rear. I'll take some pic's so you can see what I'm talking about.
  13. c121 auto no reverse

    Well after all this time with just a weak reverse I finally lost forward. It worked fine until I was done mowing and going to put it away when it just acted like reverse, very little power. So needless to say I'm tearing it down tonight and going to see if a new pump and valve will do the trick. Used of course but it will give me time to tear into mine to see what went wrong. If there was a newer hydro 314 to 520 in the area for sale I would of bought it just to make this a winter job and not one that needs to be done in a week I'll keep you filled in, Jonas
  14. My 79 auto did the same thing, lost reverse. I thought it was just a fluid problem but I think it's just like the old car trans where reverse takes the highest pump pressure. I'm thinking of just changing the pump and giving that a try. Right now I have a little reverse but only when running at full throttle. If and when I do change it I'll let you know. Keep us informed if you get er fixed. Thanks, Jonas
  15. Hey oh wise and ....... I'm off my knees now. Redid tractor, filled rear with new oil and replaced filter. Worked fine for first mowing. Went to back out of garage and no reverse. Rear was a qrt low, no leak, from I guess an air bubble that must of gave me a false reading. Still no reverse. What should be my next step? Thanks, Jonas