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  1. PTO Implements

    Just found one holy grail. This company sells male and female, 15-spline, yokes that accept u-joints. So it's a start. I figure that from here I could easily get a 6-spline yoke and connect with a shaft. At least I would be able to get a front-mount snow blower on it now. http://www.paulbparts.com/product/weasler-pto-shaft-weld-yoke-domestic-6-series-1-15-spline-male-shaft/
  2. PTO Safety Switch

    I'm hanging the keys up for now, but need something long term. I will start with a PTO and clutch switch for now. I may add a seat switch later that kills the engine if the rider leave the seat with the PTO engaged. I will add a bypass so that I can run implements like a log splitter off the rear if desired.
  3. PTO Implements

    According to the PTO installation manual, Wheel Horse uses a 1" 15-spline PTO with a male to female quick coupler. At full engine rpm, it is set to turn at 2,000rpm in a clockwise direction as viewed from the rear. That said, has anyone attempted to locate an adapter to go from the 15-spline to a 1 3/8" 6-spline (current standard). Has anyone found a gearbox reducer? Has anyone located any NEW implements designed for 2,000 rpms that will work on these? (I know most sub-compacts run 2,000 mid PTOs, but I haven't seen anything for the rear.)
  4. PTO Safety Switch

    Wiring was reworked before I got my 73' 18 Auto. All safety switches are missing. Does anyone have currently available replacement part numbers? Which switches should my model have? (Depending on the manual, I see that there should be a "clutch" and a "hydro". I'm assuming that clutch is interchangeable with PTO. I have a 7 year old son that I would like to keep safe, so if it's possible to add a seat switch, I'd like to do that too. As of right now, you can start it with the PTO engaged, while standing on the ground, with the hydro lever at full speed. (Scary)
  5. PTO Belt Size

    Thanks for the help guys. Seems no one locally has the right size. Amazon to the rescue again. Was able to get all three bearings at Tractor Supply for $45. Going to get the PTO installed today, and slap the belt on when it comes in.
  6. PTO Belt Size

    Does anyone know what the correct width and length V belt is for the D series? I just purchased a used PTO shaft, but do not know the correct size belt. The manual only gives a wheel horse part number, but no size dimensions.
  7. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    Thanks Sarge. Link came in, and I will be replacing it this weekend.
  8. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    Sarge, I found an original replacement link on ebay and ordered it. Can you just tell me what length you link is set at? No picture needed.
  9. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    Yeah, someone made that throttle link, and I'm not taking credit for it. I found some nice adjustable ones online, but they have different ranges. Need to know the correct length from someone that has a K482!
  10. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    I found a replacement link, I just need to know the correct length.
  11. D180

    My father in law paid $1,000 for a non-running 18 Auto (what became the D-180 the following model year). He put some time into it before "gifting" it to me. I've thrown $350 into it to get it running. Still dealing with some adjustments, but it starts and runs just fine. That said, I personally would not pay over $800 for a non-running model if NEEDING something to cut grass and use. If you are a collector, looking for a project, or a full resto... then I could see paying more.
  12. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    Changed out the voltage regulator last night, and now it's charging well. Still don't feel that it's running the way everyone describes it should. The link between the carb and the governor arm was replaced with some sort of hand crafted part. Can anyone tell me the exact length of their link from center to center? What holes are your springs in? (I have it set as the manual states, but I question if the was a later revision I'm unaware of. Service bulletin or something.) Is there any other adjustment to the governor that is possible? (Attached is the page from the manual that I'm referencing. It states that if the governor is not sensitive enough, to move the spring.) The difference was due to the fact that I forgot to open the throttle, and have the engine warmed up first. The gauge is fine. Governor.pdf
  13. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    I'll be. Fleet Farm had two 2016 catalogs. Both skipped over "B" as a possibility for the second letter.
  14. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    If Champion RBL15Y's even existed, they don't anymore. Searched their catalog and came up empty handed. The 2016 Champion catalog surprisingly had a listing for a Kohler K482: standard plug H10C, premium plug RH10C, both to be gapped at 0.025". I replaced both plugs, air filter, and warmed up to operating temp. Adjusted idle to 1,350 and max to 3,300. Readjusted main and idle jets. Took it out and it seems to be running better. Hard to tell, as I mowed all the grass already... maybe my neighbor needs a cut.
  15. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    Everyone I've talked to says this thing should mow fairly well. With a 48" deck, full throttle, and only 1/3 forward speed... the engine slows down as soon as it needs to cut only an inch off the top of my grass. I'll try the plugs today and see what happens. Going to Fleet Farm to find new mufflers too.