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  1. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    Checked the valve adjustment and only found #2 intake out of spec. Verified static ignition timing. Ran engine until at operating temperature and checked compression. Book says 90 PSI minimum, no more that 15% difference between cylinders. Measured both at 65 PSI... Engine is not burning oil. Carbon cleaned cylinders and retested at 75 PSI. Will do a cylinder leakage test next. This "free gift" from the father in law is turning into a real project. Just need this thing to run strong enough to mow, snowblow, and drag a york rake. So far it's not promising. Timing light will be here on Tuesday to adjust the dynamic timing.
  2. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    My mistake in searching for a manual was including the "s" at the end of the model number. Searching for just K482 I found a very clean version. (See attachment) I ordered a timing light, and will set the valve clearance today and retest. I'll also check the static timing while waiting for the timing light to show up. Thanks sarge! Kohler-K662-Engine-Manual.pdf
  3. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    1973 Kohler 18 HP twin K482S. Carb cleaned, new fuel pump, fresh fuel, changed oil, gapped plugs and points... Starts and runs just fine, but lacks power; most noticeable when mower is engaged and moving. The engine slows down considerably and takes a while to catch up. Does anyone know the cranking compression spec for this engine? Can it be a timing or valve adjustment issue?
  4. No Brakes!

    Thanks for all the help guys. It took me a while to sort through and find the right manual. I flushed the hydraulic fluid and replaced the the spin on filter (did not see any debris). The parking brake lever does not work. In fact, the lever moves full swing until hitting the oil filter. I suspect the previous owner threw it in park while moving. The tractor can be pushed on level ground without turning the relief valve first... oh boy. Anyway, I may fabricate and add a small disc brake to get by for now. Not ready for a rebuild yet.
  5. Fuel Pump Location?

    Found out that several PSI models were available from the same supplier. I Just swapped it out with a 2.5 to 4 PSI one. Actual pressure was 2.5 so great! And yes, I changed the oil too!
  6. Voltage Regulator/Rectifier

    1973 Kohler K482S on a 18 Auto. Measured 20 volts a/c from the engine, so I know the stator is good. 0 volts d/c coming out of regulator/rectifier. Can I just use a universal regulator/rectifier? Has anyone had better luck with one brand/model over another?
  7. No Brakes!

    1973 18 Auto (D-180) with a Sundstrand 90-1137 hydro transmission. I have no brakes. The is no external drum, disc, or any sign that there ever was one. Only thing I see is a small lever on the right side, in front of the spin on filter. Moves fore and aft without effect. I've seen later models with a drum and band style brake, but this one doesn't have this. Is there a wet brake internal on this model? Has anyone opened one of these up before? Are reproduction parts even available?
  8. Fuel Pump Location?

    Mounted pump near tank. Put the filter between the tank and pump. Ran 1/4" steel line from pump to engine. After some carb adjustments, got it running. Let it sit for an hour and returned to start it only to find it massively flooded.... My original concern was the pump would be too strong, and after putting a fuel pressure gauge in the line, verified it was pushing 10 psi! After checking my Amazon order, I realized that I clicked on the 5-7psi pump instead of the 2.5 to 4psi pump. (Still 3 psi over it's rating.) Before I swap them out again, is 2.5 to 4 psi the right pressure?
  9. 2 stage snow blower

    Any clue what models this will mount on. I have a 73' 18 Auto (D-180).
  10. 18 Auto PTO

    The only thing missing on my 18 auto is the PTO. I've located the bearings, parts list, and some misc parts but no shaft. Has anyone found a comparable part from a retailer, or have specs that a machine shop would use to manufacture one?
  11. How universal are these decks? Can a 60"go on a unit that originally had a 48"?
  12. Where did you find a new front axle to frame pin? I've got a ton of slop in mine and not sure where to get a replacement.
  13. POR-15 all the way. Takes a bit more prep time, but outlasts everything else I've ever used.
  14. Fuel Pump Location?

    Would you guys suggest mounting it closer to the fuel tank or the engine?
  15. Starter Solenoid Location?

    Sarge, I'd appreciate a few pictures of your rewiring. I may need to do more work to this than originally expected just to get it functional. Once everything works, I be doing a full overhaul.