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  1. Bearing suggestions needed

    It is a C-161 twin automatic that has (3) M-16121 and (1) M-16101 drawn cup bearings that were original made by Torrington. Its the M-16101 bearing I could not locate and this forum has said is discontinued.
  2. Bearing suggestions needed

    The bearing on the left is the original and it feels and looks to be in good shape. The only reason I am hesitant about reusing it is because of the shape of the other 3 bearings I removed. It turns out that 2 of the M-16121 were missing the flange that holds the needles in. The needles stayed in place until I removed the gears but the pieces of metal from these bearings were found inside the case and stuck to the magnet on the screen. I am worried about this happening to the original .625 if I decide to reuse it.
  3. I recently picked up a C-161 rear end. When I opened the case one of the m-16121 bearings was shot so I removed all 4 of the drawn cup bearing in order to replace them all. That's when I realized there was one with a different width (.625). I have read on this forum that people suggest using a .5" wide bearing to replace the unavailable .625". I purchased the .5" replacement but after I looked at the original .625 it seems to be in good shape. Should I use the new .5" bearing or take my chances with re-installing the original?