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  1. Best model for parts availability

    I just realized that the C is for commercial...also the 520-HC correct? Took me awhile... That's pretty cool that they had products rated commercial grade! Do any other brands do that? I have not seen that on any other tractors.
  2. Best model for parts availability

    You guys have been a huge help! Thanks. Looks like I've got some homework! Dave H.
  3. Best model for parts availability

    Simple yet powerful...sounds good to me! Do all the B's (early and later) share the same attachments? Dave
  4. Best model for parts availability

    Thank guys! Looks like I am going to do some homework on the pre 78 12 hp+ B and C's! Dave
  5. Hello all, I am looking at getting a few Wheel Horses for my sons' small yard business. I was choosing Wheel Horse because of ease of repair, simpler design, cool color, lower cost of parts, and attachment options...is there any other brand that compares? We had a 310-8 with a 48" that we liked but mowed a little slow so we were thinking about a hydro with something that can handle the 48" deck. I was curious what models you feel have the easiest parts availability. I was thinking that the newer the better (300, 400, 500 series?)...maybe that isn't the case. Thanks for your time. Dave
  6. Mow deck hardware

    Hello! I am new at the Red Square and it's good to be here! I have a 310-8 with a 46" deck and I need new mounting hardware for my wheels and rollers. I am having difficulty finding the items simply without spending a bunch...I've contacted the place that had the . Does anyone offer a kit for just the hardware (the wheels and rollers are newer)? Where have you guys found such hardware? Thanks for your time!