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  1. 852

    I must be dense. That doesn't tell me if they are original equipment or what the part number is? Were those part or the HL-5 kit?
  2. 852

    Sorry to drag up an old post. I am interested in this rear light. I have never seen one. Is it a factory accesory? Any links to literature on it?
  3. Plow Identification

    Well darn! It doesn't look like my coulter is the correct one for my plow. Thank you for the links!
  4. Plow Identification

    Have a model number? Ever see a coulter on them?
  5. Plow Identification

    I recently purchased this plow, but have not picked it up. Is this an authentic wheel horse Plow? How do I determine a model or a size? How does a coulter attach? Pics of one all fixed up?
  6. SR-64 Speed Reduction Lot Dimensions

    Still looking. Anyone have a lead?
  7. HY-3

    I'd love to see some pictures of a mounted HY-3 setup and a video of it in use. I recently purchased one and would like to see one in use. It won't fit my 704 so I'm going to be looking for a tractor to put it and mymid mount blade on.
  8. SR-64 Speed Reduction Lot Dimensions

    Surely someone here has one. You guys have everything!
  9. Tiller ID help (WT model)

    I didn't think it was original either on the throttle. Video isn't working that casual observer posted. May be on my end. I am excited to have this thing!
  10. I recently purchased the tiller shown below in the pictures. I have not gone to Indiana to pick it up yet but am curious about the model. I am also curious if these have a clutch to engage the tines? And is that throttle original? After posting I do see the clutch lever.
  11. SR-64 Speed Reduction Lot Dimensions

    Pictures of the idler setup I need to manufacture. As well as some other information concerning it.
  12. Hello All, This may be long and it is my first post here. I recently made my first wheel horse purchases. My grandpa has had several of the A-90 style wheel horse tractors. Having been in a wreck many years ago he drives them around the tractor shows rather than walking. He wanted an RJ but they are few and far between here in Kansas, so I settled upon getting him an early round hood as a surprise, albeit early Christmas present. I found semi locally 2 round hoods for sale. A 653 and a 704 for $350. Neither ran, the 653 did not have an installed motor. The deal came with a H60 and a K181. I gave him the 653 and the locked up H60. He quickly freed the motor but has not taken delivery of the tractor yet for restoration. I plan on using mine like his when I go to shows to poke around on. However having recently purchased my first house and small acerage, and being an avid gardener I plan to put mine to work. So I fell off the deep end and immediately purchased: Mid and rear mount cultivators. Mid mount blade Front mount blade Extra wheels for a dual setup Rear Plow ( I need a coulter though) Dump cart (bathtub type) HY-3 hydraulic setup WT-XXX Tiller I also purchased a SR-64 speed reduction kit cover which brings me to the meat of this post. I would like to use my tiller with the reduction kit to work my garden. I feel that I can easily piece together the required components. Flat bar, 7 1/2" pulley, 2 idlers a belt and various hardware. But the dimensions of the idler setup I would like to mimic as close as possible. If someone has one of these setups and is willing to measure it I would be very greatful. If you want to know what I need then I can elaborate. However I essentially need every dimension of that bar and how it is constructed. Pics would be so helpful. Pictures if the tiller and my cover included. Not my pictures they are from the sellers posts. Having a semi permanent speed reduction kit doesn't bother me too much as I plan on buying another round hood after this one is refurbished. After all......that HY-3 won't fit on my 704. Don't tell my wife..... Thank you in advance. Pictures of the 704 and 653
  13. Tiller

    Still for Sale?