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    So a few weeks ago I had picked up a wheel horse 111-6 with the briggs engine. still in really nice shape but it sat for years. I got it home, cleaned it up, replaced the crankcase gasket and put everything back together. When I first started trying to start it, it would sputter and wouldn't keep running. found out it was just a bad fuel filter. All I did was push it a few feet away from where it was after putting the fuel filter on and now i'm getting nothing. I replaced the ignition switch and the solenoid, i cleaned every ground. I checked to make sure every wire is good where it's supposed to go and has a nice and tight connection. the only thing I could go back to it possibly being is the transmission interlock to sense that it's in neutral to start but everything looks good. Anyone with knowledge of this problem that could help, I'd greatly appreciate some feedback.