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  1. 1276 Sundstrand Hydro filters?

    Hoping to get back on it this week, getting close though. Gonna flush it out a bit upside down the fill it with fresh fluid, I checked it out before I took it apart and it was not exceptionally loud and seemed to work fine. I have the same Hydro in my Power King 1218 and it has been good to me after 30+ years of use.
  2. 1276 Sundstrand Hydro filters?

    Thanks, I wasn’t sure because all the info I found was on a GT model. Dang 30 bucks, I guess it’s one hell of a filter.
  3. OK figured I would drain all the old fluid out and change the filter before I bolt the rear end up. When I looked up the filter I have about a kazillion optional filters? Which filter would be larger to hold more fluid and have more filter area ? Thanks for the input.
  4. New guy with a basket case 1276.

    Got my linkage springs NOS today, gonna order bushings tomorrow then I can start putting it together. Gonna do some sheetmetal now that I got Argon.
  5. Fan screen for hydro on 1276?

    Yeah I think I can make one frame the pics, thanks for the pics. Ben a little under the weather so project has stalled for not.
  6. Rear blade as a hiller?

    I would just make a sleeve mount hitch then anything garden tractor size fits. Agrifab and hundreds of other companies make implements and seeders.
  7. New guy with a basket case 1276.

    The 1/2" neutral cam roller pin was all chewed up from the roller seizing up. So I came up with this, once ground flush and removed the pin left a 5/16 hole. I made a new removable pin that is longer and ends up taking the same overall space to the end of the original shaft.
  8. New guy with a basket case 1276.

    Replaced the idler pivot rod, original was pretty wasted, the rod was salvaged from my parts C60. The rod was a little longer and has no wear along with the C clip slot at the end.
  9. New guy with a basket case 1276.

    Made up the rear frame support and replaced the hydro pin last night.
  10. New guy with a basket case 1276.

    Ok this is what I started with for a tensioner. I made a new link, bushing for the rod. also welded a new pin on the cam lever. Is this set up right? Also does the spring go to the lever on the Hydro?
  11. New guy with a basket case 1276.

    Oops wrong dash, the one I bought was the same as pictured. So I have a Comando dash instead of a 1276.
  12. New guy with a basket case 1276.

    Just scored a dash plate and genny light on EBay so a couple less parts needed.
  13. So moving along with my project and it suddenly came to me. So I looked at the manual and there apears to have an expanded steel shroud around it. Anyone got some pics I could look at from a 10 or 12 HP automatic and maybe take some pics with a tape measure?
  14. New guy with a basket case 1276.

    Got some stuff done here is the bracket I made to repair the support. I tried to make it inconspicuous. Ran out of Argon so that's it for today, my plan is to drill two holes in the support through the frame to sopport the twisting on the tower from the lift lever. I still need to remove the dash and tack the backside of everything.