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  1. Wheel Horse charging wiring

    Not real sure what it is. I am starting to think it's something to do with the safety system. All of the safety sensors wiring goes through it. I have the new engine running and charging, so I think I am going to leave well enough alone. Thanks for the reply. I just saw this post. thanks Gary!! I did finally figure it out, but awesome help! I will post pics of this beauty when I finish, just painted it the other day and ordered all new decals.
  2. Hey guys I need some help with my 79 wheel horse c-111. I upgraded the engine to the 16hp vanguard. I am wiring everything up now and ran into a little silver metal box with the letters b s h on it. The H goes to ground and one other wire goes to the shut off. I need to know what this little box is. Thanks for any help.