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  1. Kohler K181S fuel pump options?

    hey Tony. that's great to know. Thanks for verifying the year also. It seems like I'll be able to have the tractor online real soon. Chris.
  2. Kohler K181S fuel pump options?

    Hey all, Out of the blue I found the pump online. It's on the way, so if I can't get the old one going I'm good to go with a brand new(old) pump. I will double check if there is a lobe on the cam shaft if and when I pull the pump off. then I can always replace with a mechanical in 2020 when the new vacuum pump is toast... thanks again. I'll post my results wehn it all comes together. Chris.
  3. Kohler K181S fuel pump options?

    Also, MaineDad, did you just leave your tank in the original position and bypass the pump? Thanks Chris
  4. Kohler K181S fuel pump options?

    ok. got lots of info to work with here. thanks everyone. I was wondering about a universal vacuum pump TT but didn't know how to get around the fact that the engine has no porting for the pump. So that thread was very helpful. i will take a close look at my pump(that was working ok not long ago) and see if i can get it moving gas to my carb. If not I will see about a universal vacuum pump. BTW, can anyone recognize the year of this tractor? thanks, Chris.
  5. Kohler K181S fuel pump options?

    buckrancher, thanks for the advice. I will try to disassemble the pump in the next couple of days and see what's going on in there. I am really anxious to get the tractor up and running again. Foolishly, i assumed since it was a Kohler engine that parts would be readily available for repair or replacement... thanks again. Chris.
  6. Kohler K181S fuel pump options?

    i'm gonna try to post a couple of pics... hope that works... Chris.
  7. Kohler K181S fuel pump options?

    TT. The Tractor was dropped off in my driveway as a gift for my 5 year old son Ryan. As a result I don't really know exactly what I've got here. The tractor is a Commando 8 and I believe it is a late '60s vintage. I will try to post a picture here so that maybe someone can confirm the vintage... I would of course prefer function WITH originality but at this point I'm willing to explore. btw, prior to the tractor showing up in my drive, it had been sitting for a bit, a year or so, because some mice had chewed the ignition wiring. I had helped get it started up again and it was running just fine. So the machine is in relatively good shape with the exception of the lack of fuel to the carb... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris.
  8. Kohler K181S fuel pump options?

    w9jab. Thanks for the link. I did email them to see if they could be of help. Isn't clear to me that any of the pumps listed are a direct replacement for the one I need... Chris
  9. Kohler K181S fuel pump options?

    mike. thanks for your reply. I have a diaphram pulse (vacuum) style pump and am still trying to solve my problem. I am not really much of a gearhead so excuse my newbie question but how can I determine if this engine has the lobe on the camshaft to operate the mechanical pump? don't really want to buy one just to find out it wont work... Chris.
  10. Kohler K181S fuel pump options?

    Any one know if there is a replacement fuel pump option for this engine? Or is there a way to rebuild my fuel pump without the original rebuild kit? I have my feelers out for a replacement part but trying to see if there are any other options to get my tractor rolling again. thanks. PS. If anyone has a fuel pump for this engine I am in the market...