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  1. Advice on a purchase

    You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the advice and hospitality. Saturday is the big day!
  2. Advice on a purchase

    953 Nut, I appreciate the advice and information. Very sorry for the link post. Won't happen again. I am looking forward to buying the tractor and visting/contributing to the site as a new member. Thanks again!!!
  3. Advice on a purchase

    Hello all! I am going to look at a WheelHorse c160 this weekend, but before I do, I felt like I should consult you Oracles for advice. I've read much of your posts here and you guys are obviously the experts with the Wheelhorse. First I will show you what I am looking at, then I will share my I plan to use it for. I'd like your opinions on the tractor, my thinking on my intended uses, and any critiques or advice you might give to a person in my situation. First, here's a link to Craigslist what I am looking at: https://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/grd/d/77-wheel-horse-garden-tractor/6291885054.html It wasn't until I did some searching on this tractor that I realized how cool Wheel horses are. I have no experience with any garden tractor and only recently felt like I needed one. I recently bought 30 acres of mostly pasture land that I will renovate for hay fields. I plan to contract out the renovation on about 29 acres. The reason I need the tractor is to mow about 1 acre of common areas that are not all together - there is a loop around a couple of ponds, a few areas in and around trees, and a little road around the perimeter of the property. I am also going to need to spray these common areas, and we'll eventually cultivate a small garden. I was thinking this Wheel Horse would be fun to own and do the jobs intended. I could also see myself restoring this tractor as a project in the winters for me and my 2 girls to work on. I expect to get my hands dirty with some repairs, but I am ok with that. My questions are: 1. Is it a good deal? 2. Is my thinking sound on the intended uses? 3. Do you see anything I am misguided on? 4. Other opinions? Thanks!!!!!!