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  1. GT-2500 Stalls when PTO engaged

    Good morning everyone! I am surprised to see such a following for these tractors. I'll admit, I didn't know anything about them until my father-in-law told me he wanted to sell his. It runs, moves, and isn't rusted out. Not too bad for $100. It's a GT-2500 Anniversary Edition. So here's my problem(s).... I attached the mower deck, routed the deck belt, fired her up and engaged the pto. At first, the pto clutch would engage the deck belt, but it would appear the disc is worn. Easy fix. However, while engaged but barely spinning, the engine would shut off as if it were starved for fuel and/or air. I'm still getting to know the machine so I've tried adjusting the throttle and choke, didn't seem to help much. Any ideas?