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  1. Oil type

    I get the color check pink and brown but for the year of this tractor and having a sunstrand transmission i want to make sure of what is suppose to be in it. Just because it is red or brown doesnt mean it is the correct oil for what the manufacturer recommends for this tractor and the book that has this in it is very vague on what is suppose to be in it.
  2. Oil type

    I have a 78 D200 I'm wanting to chg the transmission oil it smells and looks like automatic transmission fluid but some of the post I have found this could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  3. PTO

    Thanks for the help
  4. PTO

    I bought a D200 and im wanting to put a pto on it for the rear attachments but I can not find any info on this. i have seen pics of this but unable to find parts or specs to do this. Any help or info would be great Thank you
  5. I just bought a D200 and was wondering about a 3pt hitch for it i believe it is a 1978 by the reserch i have done. I can not find if this tractor could have this or a PTO. Any help would be helpful.  Thank You

    1. "D"- Man

      "D"- Man

      I think the Three point hitch or the rear P.T.O. was an option that could be attached to any 18 Automatic, D-160, D-180 or D-200

    2. Craig Morgan

      Craig Morgan

      Just wondered I was having a,hard time finding either one in any of the manuals or parts breakdowns