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  1. 417A pressure sensor

    I ended up ordering the fitting from McMaster. Thanks for the info. Hopefully this is the lasthma problem I run into with this project. Thanks again.
  2. 417A pressure sensor

    The pressure switch threads are 1/4" I believe. I have attached pictures of the switch and adapter.
  3. 417A pressure sensor

    Okay, got the switch and went to put or on and the adapter broke. I ran all over town looking for the adapter but can not find it. I didn't see it in the parts list umess it is something eles. Any ideas on the part number or type of adapter I need? Thanks
  4. 417A pressure sensor

    Thanks for the info, I spent 4 hours this morning trying to find the part number
  5. 417A pressure sensor

    I have a model 417A with a Kohler series I I engine, spec number 24363. The oil pressure sensor is leaking. I can not find a part number for it anywhere. All the diagrams I can find show the switch but give no part numbers. Does anyone know what the part number is? Thanks