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  1. First post first mower

    thanks for the warm welcomes, the wife hopped on it for half the yard and loves it. its kinda fun to pop a wheely out the gate in high 3rd...I may or may not have warned her about that just for fun.
  2. First post first mower

    awesome thanks! lol ya drove to the place it was at then rode it home maybe 10-15 min ride in the mower..ahaha then I walked back and got my car. Also if you live in pilot point and have a 6 acre lot and notice a a small patch mowed either "I'm sorry" or "You're Welcome" I might get one for my wife down the road Thanks for the welcomes everyone
  3. First post first mower

    So ya this is my first post here and my first riding mower ever. I'm 32 had to get somthbig for .87 acres and came across this mower. I have been browsing offer up and other sites and see the JD's, Troy builts, Murray, and so on. I came across this while driving around. Guy let me ride it and for some reason but it just felt good. I'm into old stuff and like to tinker. Just seeing all the gauges and levers with grease points and what not made me want it. I'm sure I paid more then I should have $500 but I don't see why it can't run another 30 years. I drove it about 15min home from where I got it ahaha its a 1990 model 312-8 according to the model numbers. Hope to use this forum as a repair and maintain excellent resource. Also for modification if possible.