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  1. Using thick paper gasket for intake?

  2. 520h

    It is a '96. I pulled off the tire with the gash. It turns out there was a tube in there and it was repairable. This was good as the tube I had purchased was a 13" misplaced in a 16x6.5-8 box. Tires are due for replacement, but they are back on and good enough for now. It has an emissions carb, with an accelerator pump. My sense is that it was not getting fuel on the idle circuit. The accel pump was giving a healthy shot of fuel when the governor eased up (tried to stall w/ no fuel from idle circuit). The engine would then rev up, running on the accel shot until the governor closed the butterfly and the cycle would repeat. I ran some sea foam through it and idle improved considerably, but after a while a hint of the hunting at idle returned. It really does need to be torn down and cleaned. It's not clear to me whether the idle feed restrictor is just covered with a welch plug or something more difficult to remove/replace. I'm also not sure if I need a rebuild kit on hand, or if the gaskets will survive disassemble for reuse. So, sea foam for the short term. Changed the oil and the transmission fluid. Needed an easy-out to remove the hydro plug. There was ATF in there, so I'll need to change again to flush.
  3. 520h

    Whx12, Both front tires are pretty well weather checked, and the leaker has a big gash in the side wall. But tube may serve as a stop gap. If I was to buy new tires, what is recommended assuming primarily winter duty with heavy blower. Pricey tri-rib, 5-rib, Carlisle snow tires or generic turf tires.
  4. 520h

    Searcher - I bought it yesterday AM. I figured the attachments were worth more than the asking price, if there was a major issue with the tractor. But I'm not finding any major issue, just some neglect. Need to buy some front tires, clean carb, change fluids. See where I am from there.
  5. 520h

    Seller was asking $800 for 520h w/ 44" blower, basically unused plow, f/r wheel weights, chains, aux fuel tank, 9/17 battery, and cab (minus one door). 600 hrs and change. Compression 127/125 psi. The bad: One tire doesn't hold air for more than 2 min. Doesn't run on idle circuit (bounces off governor). Some wire-nuts on the electronics (someone's been in there). Has been exposed to elements.. has sat unused for years. Hydro was low. Spins the tires after filling. Need to print off the manuals. Fwd is not fully engaging hydro cam. I'm guessing I need to lengthen the tie rod between motion control arm and brake pivot.
  6. 520h

    I'll bring an IR temp gun and a compression guage. What am I looking for at the 9 pin and fuse block?
  7. 520h

    I'm going to check out a well used 520h with a two stage blower tomorrow. Is there anything in particular I should check for?
  8. Sundstrand Brake Drum & HDW

    Chris, I'm looking for #13, 24 & 25 from the parts diagram above. If you have these and they are on decent shape, let me know how much you want for them. Shipping to 12603.
  9. Sundstrand Brake Drum & HDW

    Looking for #24 rod from this diagram. I estimate it is should be around 4" long. Looks like it has a flange (welded washer) and cotter pin hole on both ends Parts tree show it used on C81, C105, C125, C145, C165, C175, and the C-1*1's Price on Parts Tree suggests the material is 14K gold.
  10. Sundstrand Brake Drum & HDW

    The full band assy is missing, not just the liner. They are available new at $80. I'd reline a used band if I can find one at reasonable price.
  11. Sundstrand Brake Drum & HDW

    Help pls. I need: C-series brake band: Toro 9593 C-series brake drum: Toro 106328 C-series brake rod: Toro 106321
  12. I cut out the old rod. Now have it working with replacement hdw from a C-165.
  13. Thanks DaveO. Hold for now, I think I've got a replacement. I'll let you know if I get stuck. Thanks again for your help.
  14. DaveO, The rod is 7-1/8" to 7-1/4" long, 0.5" dia.
  15. DaveO, I backed the nut off, put 5/8 box wrench on the flats of the hollow tube. Tried a 2 foot cheater bar, penetrating oil, and some heat from an oxy-acetylene torch. No luck. I'll have to get a measurement on the rod length.