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  1. New to tractor restoration.

    Take lots of pictures before you take it apart. So you know how to put it back together
  2. Ready for Fall

    There is a co (jrco) that makes a carrier for walk behind blowers that can be mounted to zero turns. I'm sure It could be made to fit a horse
  3. Thought on wh 800 automatic

    Looks too nice to work it
  4. New guy looking at 314-8

    I know how you feel. I mow 74 lawns a week with a gravely 460 but I look forward to mowing / looking at stuff for my 314-8 . I use my horse at my vacation house. When I'm riding my 314 I don't feel like I'm at work
  5. Hot Tractor

    That twin might be warm but the hub caps make it cool.
  6. new to wheel horse

    Do I need wider rims to put 10.5s on or can I get away with using the same rims that 8.5s are on
  7. new to wheel horse

    Very cool tractor . I will be buying chains and weights as my tractor came with a plow. Again my 314 has no trouble going up the hills, it's coming down.
  8. new to wheel horse

    Well for the hell of it today I replaced the drive belt. That solved the free wheeling but now she skids down the hill. So now thinking different/wider tire's. What do you guys think
  9. new to wheel horse

    I will look for the strut this weekend on the tractor. Thanks. I am also eyeing a 416 hydro
  10. new to wheel horse

    Both slopes are under 25* .
  11. new to wheel horse

    It only skids when I put the clutch in and put the brakes on
  12. new to wheel horse

    The clutch pedal comes back all the way, I have tried 2nd high first high and low third . All gears same result aboat half way down she breaks loose and when I put the breaks on it feels like its fighting the gears . If i push the clutch in and put the break on it skids.
  13. new to wheel horse

    I folks, I recently came home with a 1992 314-8. It is in good shape and runs mint with 600 hrs. Right now I am having buyers regret as my yard has some hills and the tractor free wheels going down the two hills in any gear but climbs them with no trouble. Is there any thing to look for adjustments or is this the nature of the beast of the gear drive on a wheel horse .I also own a power king 1614 (all gear drive) that does not free wheel down the hill but is to big for my yard and I don't have a deck on it any way's. The drive belt looks good and seems to have good tension on it. May be I should have bought a hydro.