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  1. Wheelhorse 308-8 Axle Seals

    I was pretty lucky to get the tractor. She told me if I didn't want it, she was putting it along the road for free. Using this tractor sure beats the push mower that I've been using the last few years!
  2. Wheelhorse 308-8 Axle Seals

    Thanks for the help. You guys are a wealth of information on here. I look forward to being a part of this site and learning more about Wheelhorse's!
  3. Wheelhorse 308-8 Axle Seals

    One other question. What type of oil is recommended for these Uni-Drives?
  4. Wheelhorse 308-8 Axle Seals

    Thanks garGuyPaulie for the quick reply. That helps me out a lot. I'll use their part number and shop around. Thanks again!
  5. Hi. My neighbor gave me this tractor for free because she couldn't get it to run. I replaced the battery, fuel lines and filter. It runs great now but I noticed the rear axle is dripping. I looked up Uni-Drive 2988185 and couldn't get a specific part number for the seal. If I could get a part number that would be great. I would just order it online. Thanks.