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  1. Wheelhorse 308-8 Axle Seals

    Hi Tom - nice horse you got there! Check out the following web page and look on the diagram labeled Mechanical (at the top there are several diagram pages to choose from, scroll over to Mechanical) - I believe the part you're looking for is the oil seal on the axle, which would be part no. 100863 - the following diagram labeled Page W shows the additional parts available for that transmission. Hope it helps! http://www.ereplacementparts.com/toro-2108k804-1988-lawn-tractor-parts-c-121776_128672_131564.html Also - that is the wheel horse part number for the oil seal, you could probably shop around for a better price - I just use that website because they seem to have pretty good diagrams for finding parts!
  2. 1990 312-8 Gear Shifter

    Thank you - that is a good piece of advice - I'll let you know when I drop the transmission - probably be next weekend before I get to it. I'll post photo's along the way.
  3. 1990 312-8 Gear Shifter

    So just an update, went ahead and got the shifter squared away with a new roll pin, reinstalled it and it still only shifts into 2nd and 3rd gears - I have a suspicion that perhaps the 1st/reverse shift fork is wore out because trying to shift into these gears is just a no go - the tractor is coming up on 30 years old with very little maintenance done to it in the past - it was my father in laws until last September when I got it from him and I have plans on doing a full (or as full as can be accomplished) restoration on it - I would like to get it looking (and running) like brand new again. I had planned on doing a rebuild on the engine and carb this winter (Kohler Magnum 12), but it looks like I might be starting with the transmission first! Steve - thanks for the heads up on the transmission manual - this will help in my pursuit of rebuilding the transmission and I am sure the videos you mentioned will be greatly useful as well. I suppose since I'm going to be splitting it open for a rebuild there isn't much sense in doing a flush - guess I'll be back to the push mower for awhile!
  4. 1990 312-8 Gear Shifter

    Paul - thank you for the tip on the vendors page, I'm sending an email to a-z to see if they might have one. I will flush the transmission as soon as I get the shifter back in order. I'm going to get this one back in working order for now and replace it when I can get my hands on one in better condition. Achto, yes the shift boot was pretty much gone, the thickest part of the boot was still seated over the hole on the transmission, but the surrounding mass has disintegrated so I have a new one on order. Garry - thank you for the part number, I had planned on just getting one at the local TSC or auto parts place but if they don't have one I will place an order for it as well. I have read elsewhere that on these older shifters some people have just welded the donut in place to avoid the sheered pin in the future - anyone else ever done this or have thoughts on it?
  5. Hello all - I have a 1990 312-8 that recently started being a pain to shift, and eventually it stopped shifting into 1st and reverse and was hard to get into 2nd and 3rd. After looking at some posts on here I discovered the possibility that a loose shifter could cause this problem. My shifter definitely had a lot of play in it so I proceeded to pull the seat, rear plate and shift plate off the tractor so I could get to the area where the shifter goes into the transmission. I removed the shifter, reseated it and got the dog head screw lined up in the shifter donut and was hoping that would fix the issue, but after getting it all reassembled and trying to shift even into 2nd or 3rd the shifter, while not as sloppy, now just turns side to side - taking it back out and inspecting the shifter I have discovered that the pin which holds the donut in place on the shifter has sheered and the donut is now able to free spin on the shaft. Not too much of a problem as I plan on just pressing the old pin out and replacing, however I am concerned that the ball on the end of the shifter seems to be getting pretty flattened off on the left and right sides of the ball. I tried looking up a replacement on Toro and several other parts websites but I can't find one anywhere - I can get the boot, everyone has those, but no shifter. My question is, does anyone know where I might be able to find a new shifter and more important, is a little flattening on the ball anything to worry about? Also, with the shifter out, looking down the hole my transmission looks like it's full of mud! Definitely doesn't look like the gear oil I put in it - anyone know what could be causing the transmission gear oil to be sludging up like that?