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  1. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    I agree with you guys in that with the small amount of hours the tractor has, flushing the tranny as recommended will do the trick. I was thinking with the tractor sitting around as long as it has there might be oil and goo cake inside the case and would be hard to flush out. I'll try flushng it out a couple times and see if comes out clear and if it doesn't and comes out rusty then I'll split the tranny. I'll replace the rubber boot for sure. I don't use the tractor hardly at all now for my yard is way to big for it, and I have a bigger one, so I'm thinking of selling it so I have more room in my garage for other stuff. Also your guys opinions are worth more than just 2 cents! :hide:
  2. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    I fully agree with doing business locally and helping them to stay in business. My problem is that I live in Alaska and there isn't of any Toro dealerships around.
  3. 312-8 Uni-Drive Trans.

    Thanks for the replies guys, the threads you posted were very helpful also. I'll mention that the tractor only has 35 hours and is like brand new. I got the tractor from a guy who inherited it from his mother in law who didn't use after her husband died, and he didn't have a use for it, so I bought from him. For the most part this tractor has just sat around in garage for all this time. I used it last winter to plow snow and it worked great. With the tranny oil I drained out being milky and reading the other threads posted I will split the tranny apart and see how bad it is and clean it then put back together. I haven't any leaks so I' sure the seals are good. Doing the flushing thing I could see where not all of the bad fluid would get out, even if you're getting clean fluid when you drain the flush solution. Do you guys have a good source I can go online to to get tranny parts from? Seals, gaskets, and rubber boot. Thanks Again! :hide:
  4. I have a 312-8 tractor with the Uni-Drive Trans. I believe the tractor was made in 1989. The tractor had been sitting for many years and upon draining the the tranny I noticed the oil was sort of a tan milky color. I take this is due to water from condensation. So my ?'s are should I flush the tranny with something say like some cheap SAE 30 oil? Also with that tranny I have do I refill it with SAE 90 oil or something different, and how much oil do those transmissions hold? :hide:
  5. Need belts and model number

    I live in Alaska. The Toro site shows 3 dealers. The 2 that are the closet to me don't sell Toro anymore due to Home Depot and Lowes taken over there market. However, I did more research and came across www.smallenginepartswarehouse.com for the parts I need. Thanks
  6. Need belts and model number

    Being that there are no Toro dealers where I'm at, are there any good sites a guy can order parts online from? Thanks Again!!!!!!
  7. I have a Wheel Horse 312-8 with a 37" mower deck. The model number tag on the tractor and mower deck are gone. From help I received on here before the model# for the tractor I got was 21-12K806 I need the clutch drive belt number. The mower deck I don't have the model# for, but the number on the belt is 11178DF. So in other words wanting I'm asking for is, The model# for the mower deck, and the part number for the clutch drive belt. If any of you know of a place that has belts for Wheel Horse tractors please let me know so that I can get. It would be greatly appreciated!!! :USA:
  8. Snow plow blade handle

    Thanks for all of your guys replys and help. I'm been able to make due using the plow the way it is without having to angle the blade to the left. This weekend however we've had blizzard conditions and have gotten over 3' of snow at my place. Fortunately I have a self propelled snow blower that I can take thru the drifts, then take the plow and finish off my driveway and repeat the process again as it keeps snowing. I'll be shopping for a snowblower attachment to mount on my tractor to be better prepared for next year. The old saying goes "March comes in like a LION and goes out like a LAMB" B)
  9. Snow plow blade handle

    If I mounted one of these type of brackets to my rear axle, and it would move the frame forward an inch or so then that would fix my problem. I would have to find one for sale somewhere. For now I can get by with it the way it is. In the spring and summer time I might check out my local welding shop and see if they can modify the frame, and also look for a different plow all together like some of you guys have mentioned. Thanks B)
  10. Snow plow blade handle

    Well I think the only way to solve my problem is to make the linkage rod a little longer and see if that helps. What I really need is a 2 stage snowthrower for where I'm at (Alaska) we get alot of heavy/ wet snow. Shipping one from the lower 48 would cost me lot. So I do have a self propelled compact snowthrower, but we Wheel Horse guys know that isn't the way to go. I'll just have to make due with what I got. B)
  11. Snow plow blade handle

    Yeah linen I followwhat your saying.I'll see if I can somehow lengthen the rod somehow. The linkage rod does see to be not bent. To make it longer I suppose I would have to heat it up and stretch it, but I would be worried about weakening the temper and the strength of it. I'll end up taking it to a welding shop and see if they can do it. Perhaps someone else has encountered the same problem and can lend some advice. Thanks for your alls help
  12. Snow plow blade handle

    Thanks nylyon!!! That's what I figured out to post the pics. So if I do have the right rear axle bracket can someone tell me what the length of the frame should be in order to fit the tractor. Or if you have come across this same problem, what have you done to fix it? Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks Again
  13. Snow plow blade handle

    http://s845.photobucket.com/albums/ab17/radfisher/ OK here we go click on this link. Thanks
  14. Snow plow blade handle

    t the pics downloaded on here you can see what I'm talking about. The handle is straight with the lower portion being bent out to the right. It seems that the bracket that the handle bolts to needs to be forward about an inch. Perhaps I could email the pics to someone and they could post them for me. Like I mentioned earlier does anybody know if there are different rear axle attachment brackets that are made and I could have the wrong one? Thanks!!!!
  15. Snow plow blade handle

    Nylon. I've gone to that link and tried doing it the way you have listed but I can't find to where I save the pics to the message board. I've edited, down sized and copied but it won;t paste the the post. Does it make a difference that I have a MAC computor instead of a Windows PC??