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  1. My tractor melted

    Alright I got everything re wired and tractor runs great. Getting 14 volts at battery post at WOT. I removed the amp gauge. One side of it when to the starter solenoid the othere when to ignition Switch. Basically all I did was shorten the wire and istead of going from the ignition switch to the solenoid I ran from switch directly to the positive battery terminal. Is this ok or does it need to be on the solenoid? Either way it's still 12v all the time. Also I'm going to add a fuse to the same wire. What size should I use? I was thinking 20amp as when the amp gauge was working I never seen it get that high.
  2. My tractor melted

    Alright so I orderd the one 6bg6ga mentioned. Should be here sometime next week. I grabbed a handful of connectors from work and picked up some wire. I was going to start it this weekend but im not going to have the time. I will post a progress update next week. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  3. My tractor melted

    I think I'm going to take everyone advice and replace it with an aftermarket. I found a sparkly one on eBay although I couldn't find any connectors. Does anyone have a link?
  4. My tractor melted

    Thanks for everyone's help. I was planning on switching to a volt meter as Well. The schematic I'm looking at shows 1 side of the amp meter going to the positive on the battery and the other side going to the solenoid. Should I wire a voltage gauge the same way?
  5. My tractor melted

    On September 17th 2017 at aproxamitly 6:37pm a catastrophic anomaly occurred while trying to start my 69 C-121 Auto after a long day of use. There was alot of smoke and alot of fire. Upon investigation I came to the conclusion that the lens on the ampmeter wich holds it in place broke causing a chain reaction of unfortunate events. The meter fell behind the dash grounding itself to the chassis. At this point the entire ampmeter circuit became glowing red. Moments later the Smokey wires burned through my fuel line causing a fire to erupt from under the dash. Luckily the fire soon outed itself but it wasn't over yet. By the time I ran to the garage for a pair of clippers to cut the battery cable a hot wire melted through the choke cable. The choke cable was grounded to the engine and all 2 feet of it melted the outer plastic coating and was glowing. At 6:57pm the 121 was pushed into the garage for emergency surgery. So now I need to rewire the entire tractor. My only concern is the voltage regulator. The connector on it is melted pretty bad. I can fix the connector but im worried that the regulator is damaged. Is there any way I can check it before I rewire it all? I really don't want this to happen again especially after a full rewire.
  6. 12hp kohler back pressure?

    Sorry for the late reply but thanks for the help. I picked up all the peices I needed and put it together over the weekend. Including a bracket to help support the extra weight. I will soon be getting some header wrap for it. Here are some picks.
  7. So I just picked up a 78 c121 auto in great shape. Only problem is the previous owner cut a huge hole in the hood for a new muffler when the stock one rotted out. I plan on finding a new hood for it and want to redo the exhaust. I like the idea of a stack but don't want it stinking way up in the air. I also don't want to straight pipe it shorter because I live somewhat in town and I don't think the neighbors would be to happy with the noise. But I found another user that used 2 small engine 3/4 inch mufflers. I really like the idea but im just worried that down sizing the pipe to from 1 inch to 3/4 would be to much back pressure. Anyone have any thoughts? I will upload picture of my tractor and idea I have.