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  1. 300 series attachments?

    ok, thanks for the pictures and info. I do have a 42'' side discharge deck does anyone have more info or pictures of a bagging unit for it?
  2. 300 series attachments?

    Oh ok. what do you mean by the lift rockshaft. would that be the same point of connections as the mower deck / snow plow lift arm? Or would i have to add something to raise and lower it.
  3. HI there I was wondering if there was any rear hitches available for the 300 series tractors, and rear attachments/ implements like a single bottom plow or anything like that? I'm pretty sure there is a bagger attachment for the 300 series I was looking for opinions on how well they work and also maybe a few pictures of one so i know what to look for. I believe the ones i keep finding for sale are for newer models but im not sure what they are supposed to look like or how they attach?
  4. Ok, thanks. Good to know.
  5. Ok thanks for the suggestions. I think im leaning towards some sort of ag tire. 2 things I am concerned about with them is I heard they dont always do great on pavement, and do chains fit well on them. Just looking at them it doesnt seem like chains would fit nicely or be very effective, but i dont know i have never used either. I did pick up wheel weights the other day that i will probably run full time, and i think im going to get chains for plowing snow in the winter. Any suggestions on a decently priced set of chains?
  6. Hey guys. Looking for new tires for my 312-8 the tires are 23 x 8.50 - 12, doesn't seem like there is many options out there. I have some pretty serious hills to mow, and I also plan on plowing for the first time this winter. I'm just looking for recommendations on tires. Should i go with turf savers and run chains full time? Would AG tires be any good. Or is there something in between? THANKS