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  1. kohler k241

    Great thread, to bad all the pictures are gone
  2. K301-47147B not charging.

    Haven't had chance to check it out as of yet but $485 on a $250 tractor, what else to do?
  3. K301-47147B not charging.

    This would be the type I have.
  4. K301-47147B not charging.

    Thanks for the info! I'll check all connections and take a multimeter to that battery. If the stator should be bad, what type of job is that?
  5. Charger 12

  6. My Charger 12 / K301-47147B is not charging the battery, where to start. what the best way to working this problem, needless to say, the battery was new. thanks
  7. Filter

    Thank You!
  8. Filter

    I have a charger 12 1-7231 and i was wondering what filter i would use and what to use to refill it with, i have no idea when this was last changed. is there any where i can find this info? any help would be super!! thanks
  9. 77 Wheel Horse B80

    Ended up passing on it.
  10. 77 Wheel Horse B80

    I have a chance to pickup a 77 Wheel Horse B80, it has a plow, deck, wheel weights, they are looking for 600 for it. it looks to be in real nice shape. not familiar with this model.. anything i should check for? does 600 seem fair
  11. In need of one of these for my charger 12 , i see some on eBay, looks like some one is selling the from here, just not sure which one, can anyone help out please?
  12. In need of some front wheel weight for my charger 12, does anyone know a brand i retro fit to work in this model?
  13. Stalling engine

    UPDATE: used it tonight for over an hour, ran like a top. thanks again
  14. Stalling engine

    Cleaned the gas cap, it was a little dirty. Dropped the float bowl and it was pretty funky in there. Cleaned that good, pulled the needles and cleaned them and blasted the carb with cleaner. put it all back together, started right up, i let it run for a while, no stalling. Fingers crossed that was it. Thanks for the help gents!
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