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  1. 77 Wheel Horse B80

    Ended up passing on it.
  2. 77 Wheel Horse B80

    I have a chance to pickup a 77 Wheel Horse B80, it has a plow, deck, wheel weights, they are looking for 600 for it. it looks to be in real nice shape. not familiar with this model.. anything i should check for? does 600 seem fair
  3. In need of one of these for my charger 12 , i see some on eBay, looks like some one is selling the from here, just not sure which one, can anyone help out please?
  4. In need of some front wheel weight for my charger 12, does anyone know a brand i retro fit to work in this model?
  5. Stalling engine

    UPDATE: used it tonight for over an hour, ran like a top. thanks again
  6. Stalling engine

    Cleaned the gas cap, it was a little dirty. Dropped the float bowl and it was pretty funky in there. Cleaned that good, pulled the needles and cleaned them and blasted the carb with cleaner. put it all back together, started right up, i let it run for a while, no stalling. Fingers crossed that was it. Thanks for the help gents!
  7. Stalling engine

    looking around on eBay for a rebuild kit i'm seeing carbs for 30 bucks, safe to assume these are junk? i know the carb has two needles a short and a long one, do you have to buy these separate from the rebuild kits? i'm not buying anything yet, just window shopping
  8. Stalling engine

    i will check these things and hope it's that easy, i really don't have that kind of luck. Just wondering if you can still buy crab rebuild kits for these old boys ?
  9. Stalling engine

    The engine on my 68 Charger 12 all of a sudden started stalling. Was dragging the ring with the york rake and it was running fine for about a half hour-45 minutes and then out of the blue it just started stalling (yes, it had gas ) . The only way i could get it back to the barn was to start it fully choked with throttle all the way open and it would start and then stall again. Was a LONG ride back to the barn! Where would you start looking first? Thanks in advance!
  10. No lights

    Nice work there, i'll give it a shot, what did you use on the lens?
  11. No lights

    Thanks for all the input, it ended up being the contacts on the light switch, go figure.. not that i use them, they are not to bright.. has anyone ever retro'd LED's bulbs?
  12. No lights

    Put a new battery in my charger 12 and now the lights do not t work, they did before the change. where should i begin to see whats wrong, is there a fuse i cant see?
  13. Plow

    do you have any pictures? i'm dropping my kid off to school, she goes to Westfield university , how far away are you to Westfield ?
  14. Plow

    looking for a plow that will fit a charger12