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  1. The progress

    I cut a checkered plate and fitter rubber round the edges. Keeps the floor tidyer and looks better I think. Just the deck to do now but it's not bad so contemplating leaving it will see.
  2. The progress

    The A-81 is coming along nicely, 5 months down the line I'm nearly there.
  3. Progress

    Cheers guys 😊
  4. Progress

    The A-81 is coming along nicely 😊
  5. Exhaust back pressure

    Thank you skipper a very thorough reply which explained it very well. Much appreciated buddy. 🖒
  6. Exhaust back pressure

    Gonna put a custom exhaust on my a-81 will it need back pressure and can it pretty much be a straight through pipe? Cheers Matt
  7. Bigger carb ?

    It's just finding a carb that fits 😅
  8. Bigger carb ?

    No just wondered if it would give it a bit more grunt? Need new air intake and exhaust aswell. Apart from that it's spot on. Just needs seat redoing , respray and restickered.
  9. Bigger carb ?

    Does anyone know if any of the bigger carbs from the 12hp plus Stratton engines will fit on the 8hp a-81 engine? And where to source parts? Cheers matt
  10. Where to start

    That's brilliant thanks very much Garry
  11. Where to start

    Can't see one the same as mine the 1979 one is similar but not the same. Any ideas? Cheers Matt
  12. Where to start

    Cheers Gary it is plated with some numbers will have a look in the morning 🖒
  13. Where to start

    Hi everyone just bought myself an a-81, never had one before and want it to be my project. Want to like new. Seen one on YouTube with led lights on and a nice exhaust induction kit. The exhaust on it is knackered so defiantly needs a new one. It runs great and cuts well. Also is it an easy task to take the mower deck off bottom ? Also how can I tell what year it is? Many thanks Matt
  14. Sticker set

    Brilliant thank you
  15. Hi does anyone know if you can buy the sticker set for the A-81, wanting to restore one but didn't know if someone did the sticker set? Cheers Matt