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  1. wheel horse wont drive

    Okay that's great so yes the model number on there does match and so then I do have a c141
  2. wheel horse wont drive

    well i being new at wheel horse saw the c141 on the hood and that it had a 14hp engine that then it was a c141, but i am thinking at some point someone maybe put this hood and engine on another body/frame being after i looked up the model number on the frame being 81-14k801-09030, so do the first two numbers on the model say what model it is? so is it a c81? and how do you tell if a wheel horse is a A B or C?
  3. wheel horse wont drive

    Thank you guys for your help it was the key on the left tire was just about all the way out and I watched it when I put it in gear and that shaft just spun with the tire not moving, thank you!!
  4. i was mowing on my wheel horse c 140 8 speed when i finally pushed the clutch in the last time and let it out in gear and the tractor would not move, i can visually see the belt spinning and the pulley on the side of the transmission spinning. the shifter will go in and out of all gears high and low r-3 on both settings, in neutral i can push it fine like nothing is catching. i am not sure if this has anything to do with it but about a half hr before the mower stopped driving i was about to go over a steep bank and i hit the break in stead of pushing in the clutch and the brake, after that it seemed when i would shift and let the clutch out it was like it wasn't engaging and then when it did it jumped and then would go, anybody else have this problem, or any ideas of something to check, when i was trying to get it in my garage i put it in first and you can almost push it along and its like it wants to go but just doesn't have enough to get it driving on its own.