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  1. H60 75016

    I will test the resistance tonight. I currently have them both to the points contact. Is there anything else you could think of that would be causing the issue? I disconnected the kill switch so I know that it isn't a bad switch.
  2. H60 75016

    I replaced the coil condenser and points but still no spark to plug. With a spark tester grounded to a head bolt it says there is spark. The spark is very weak even when touching the coil and ground it dosent make me drop it out of my hand. Is it possible the magnets in the flywheel are weak? Does anyone know of anyway to hook up a external coil and battery system with a charging system for the battery? Any ideas please let me know
  3. H60 75016

    Do you know if I can use any condenser or do I need a specific condenser for small engines
  4. H60 75016

    That's what I thought it was I didn't know if there was a different one for older models since mine is not held down with a metal rod (for lack of better terms). Mine has a shim that slides between coil and the metal bracket that the coil installs to. Does it matter that the new could have two wires that hook up to points and the original only has one?
  5. H60 75016

    This is on a 1964 604. I am guessing it is not the original engine but not certain
  6. H60 75016

    What coil do I need as a replacement on my h60-75016 , and where is the best place to buy one? Thank you greg