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  1. Kids Lawn Ranger

    Looks great! Is that an original seat pan, or did you make that?
  2. Ross Steering 953

    Hmm, got anything you want to sell on the way up?
  3. My day

    That sounds like a story of any project ive ever had!!
  4. Auction here in Maine

    @ebinmaine How did you make out? I didn't end up bidding on anything, but I saw a couple RJ's went for less than $150. Really broke my heart not to bid, but it was just too far!
  5. Auction here in Maine

    We'll see! How many wheel horses do you think I can fit in my chevy cruze?? hah
  6. Auction here in Maine

    I might keep an eye on some of these. Might be worth a 7 hour drive. Haha!
  7. Haven't posted to this thread in a while, but here is the current state of my C-125. Still need to paint the hood and fender, but its looking good!
  8. That's the guy's loader who gave me the trailer full of parts. That was right after I finished loading everything
  9. Started to try to get some of the parts back together. I decided of the 3 frames I had, Ill try to get the c-120 running first, then the 1077. The frame for the charger 12 was the worst condition, so that will be used for parts. The c-120 has the hydraulic implement lift, and the special rear hitch, so it should be a fun project!
  10. I think it is a 1077. That is really all I know about it.
  11. The Wheel Horse bug definitely bites hard! Lately Ive been encountering deals that are just too good to pass by. Even if it means having more "scrap" laying around than usable tractors. It does make for some fun projects though! Here are some pictures of some of my recent pickups. Ill post more as I get it sorted through.
  12. Lawn Ranger Mower Deck

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Ill be getting my magnet out tomorrow! Haha!
  13. Lawn Ranger Mower Deck

    Thanks! Does anyone know what the dimensions of the key are. I want to try to find one local, so I can replace it tomorrow.
  14. Lawn Ranger Mower Deck

    Where is the key located?
  15. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    Can someone verify for me how the engine mounts on a c-120. Im used to my C-125 where it has the plate and blocks it mounts on. On my C-120, when I sit the engine in the frame, it only lines up with holes on one side.