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  1. Changing the fluid in tranny

    The plug on the left side is the fill hole. You fill it until it reaches the threads inside. Or until it flows out, if you aren't paying attention
  2. Got the C-125 out today to do a little mowing. Also used my Lawn Ranger and the cart to move some old cabinets from the barn to the house!
  3. Jacktown Show

    What are the dates for this show? I'm about 3 hours away, worth the drive?
  4. I got a new toy at work today

    Quite the machine! I could put one to good use! HA
  5. K301. Ran well until I touched it....

    The picture should be right for your carb. Someone else might have to help with the stock adjustment settings. What I always do is tighten the screws, counting the number of turns until it is all the way in. When you are re-installing them, go all the way in, and back them out the same number. This will only work if you know the engine was running with the current setup.
  6. K301. Ran well until I touched it....

    Sounds like some gunk might have broke loose, and is blocking something up inside the carb. Might be worth giving it a good cleaning.
  7. Plow/Dozer Blade for Lawn Ranger

    Looking for a plow that will fit my '66 or '67 Lawn Ranger. PM or 607-227-7821 Thanks, Mark
  8. Still no spark

    I had the same problem. I adjusted and cleaned the points, and replaced the ignition coil and condenser. Still trying to dial in the timing, but it gets great spark now.
  9. Wheel horse lawn ranger part outs

    Just sent you a text
  10. New package

    Looks like it just rolled off the lot!
  11. Replacement seat for Lawn Ranger

    Thanks everyone, but I am looking for a whole seat. The tractor I'm outing it on currently does now have any seat at all and I need to get one.
  12. Hello, I need to get a replacement seat for my L-165 Lawn Ranger. Looking for suggestions on replacements. It does not have to be original, but be around the same shape and size. Thanks!
  13. C160H Crank no start

    Welcome to RedSquare!! To start troubleshooting, I would check for the three main things to make the engine run: spark, compression, and fuel. Generally speaking with all three, the engine will run. Keep us posted!
  14. One of my good friends made a keg into a urinal. A few cuts and welds and it is a A+ idea!!!