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  1. C160 switch and spark issues

    What could be the cause of the " no spark issue". I don't think it's related to the wiring harness issue as I was having the no spark issue before I changed the wiring harness
  2. I have a 1976 C160. I was mowing the yard and shut the engine off to talk to the neighbor, then when I tried to restrart the engine it would not start or fire.changed the coil and the spark plug, still had no spark. When looking further into the issue I noticed that the wiring harness was pretty well burnt up( it was still functioning though because the engine would still turn over. I replaced the wiring harnesss with one from another wheel horse( needed slight modification match). Now the engine turns over when key is in the run position and does nothing in the start position and thee is still no spark at the plug. What is the next thing I should check for the spark issue and what would have changed in the key switch plug to make it try and start in the run position?