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  1. transmission issue

    Thanks. I haven’t checked yet. It is sitting in the garage over at my neighbors house and I haven’t had time to check backside of school. I will try and look either Wednesday or Thursday. Then I’ll get back to you. Thanks all for the help!!!
  2. transmission issue

    Thanks. I would go about solving this by draining all the oil out and then refilling it?
  3. transmission issue

    forgot to say checked those as well. they are solid as a rock,since i got my new tires.
  4. transmission issue

    hi guys. My c81's transmission will not work. after i shift into a gear and release the clutch, the wheels wont turn. the belt spins and the input pulley does as well, with the keyed shaft. Also, when i release the clutch, the wheels seem to want to go, so i got off and pushed it, and it went but lost momentum and stopped.I do not want to have to take the transmission off because i might not be able to put it back together if i take it apart. thanks any feedback would be wonderful.
  5. My project tractor

    I’ve used the snow plow three times. One in three inches, once in 7 in. And one in a little tiny bit. It pushes snow so well. I have bar chains and weights as well. Thank you. Lot of people said that the deestones were too small but they look pretty good on there. And they leave more room for the chains to spin.
  6. My project tractor

    The tires are deestones. I used xo rust paint and it will be going for a full painting. I’m going to do all the separate pieces and put it back together after. Also, does anyone have a wiring diagram for this tractor? It’s C81 8-speed
  7. My project tractor

    My c81 is comin along fellas. I’m getting a rear Clevis hitch, and some new front tires are comin in the mail next week. What do you think of those rears? Redid them myself and painted them! Also a new battery has been put in since these pics were taken
  8. Wheel horse c-145 restored

    Where did you get the stack muffler??
  9. Wheelhorse C100

    Hey,I go through Southbury every Tuesday for a coop for school. Would you take 100 dollars for the plow and 25 dollars for the bracket? Thanks, Shea
  10. 73 No-Name Plow Snowblower More

    Do youhave the belt for the snow blower to the pto and all hardware? Thanks, Shea
  11. Brinly hitch

    Im gonna get these pieces to start a collection of attachments. Do you guys have any tips for installing the rockshaft?
  12. Brinly hitch

    Im gonna get these pieces to start a collection of attachments. Do you guys have any tips for installing the rockshaft?
  13. 73 No-Name Plow Snowblower More

    would you take $150 for the plow? My email is shea.worden@gmail.com Also, could i have the headlight bezel? $25?
  14. Clevis Hitch

    Thanks. I think that i will need the rockshaft because i will be using it to skid logs and lift the ends of them. Plus, it will be easier to lift the regular attachments with the extra lever. Thanks guys, Now i know what i need.