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  1. Wheelhorse C100

    Hey,I go through Southbury every Tuesday for a coop for school. Would you take 100 dollars for the plow and 25 dollars for the bracket? Thanks, Shea
  2. 73 No-Name Plow Snowblower More

    Do youhave the belt for the snow blower to the pto and all hardware? Thanks, Shea
  3. Brinly hitch

    Im gonna get these pieces to start a collection of attachments. Do you guys have any tips for installing the rockshaft?
  4. Brinly hitch

    Im gonna get these pieces to start a collection of attachments. Do you guys have any tips for installing the rockshaft?
  5. 73 No-Name Plow Snowblower More

    would you take $150 for the plow? My email is shea.worden@gmail.com Also, could i have the headlight bezel? $25?
  6. Clevis Hitch

    Thanks. I think that i will need the rockshaft because i will be using it to skid logs and lift the ends of them. Plus, it will be easier to lift the regular attachments with the extra lever. Thanks guys, Now i know what i need.
  7. to Lots of people waiting to help and support.
  8. Clevis Hitch

    Thanks wheel horseman. The pictures helped a lot,as did the instructions.
  9. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    I am not sure if this will help, but on My c81, when i engage the pto by pushing the lever forwards, my motor slows and my pto doesnt spin. It could be a problem with the pto or it could be your timing for compression is off. I am not sure about the cranking compression stats, I am a newb- i just really got my first tractor a few weeks ago and am trying to make it as close to restored as i can get it.
  10. Clevis Hitch

    Hey guys. I was wondering about buying a clevis hitch from the wheelhorseman1000's website wheel horse parts and more, and i wanted to know if i need the rockshaft between the gas tanks. I thought that the cable went right to the hitch with a trunnion to attach. If you didn't know from my other threads, I have a c81 with an 8-speed uni-drive transmission. My tractor already has the tube for the cable so thats what inspired me to get a clevis.
  11. Tall Chute Snowthrower- rebuilt

    How much for just the weights and chains? You are the best bet for me. Also, can i pick them up this saturday the 14th? Would the chains fit on ags?
  12. Slot and clevis hitch

    Ill take one of he painted clevis hitches.
  13. 1979 C-81

    I meant to say 20 by 1 foot logs.
  14. Belts

    Thanks. my tractor looses traction pulling heavy stuff where I feel like something would break.Now I know that I wont bust my 8-speed tranny.
  15. Snow Blade