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  1. Well narrower tires may work, but how about going bigger too? I mean bigger diameter, then it will have more tendency to roll over the snow, and not so much plow thru. Just an idea.
  2. Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    You could give the spindle outside threads too, and use a nylock nut or even a crown nut with cotter pin to be extra extra sur.
  3. New paint decor.

    This is the cutest one I have seen to date Tom. Hats off for that! as long as it's not a rare collectors item IMO. My youngest daughter, she's 4, has laid her sticky little hands on my C165 hydro. Drives it like a pro too, and now she want's daddy to pimp it out in pink with hearts, Barbie style.............. Not sure I'm gona show pictures of that if she gets her way with it :-)
  4. How far will you go?

    And you know what. I only have a big handful left to sort out still. Hopefully I will be done before grass season starts here in about 6-8 weeks. If I can do one a week I'll be on time, but oh my god it has been work work work. Next time will not have as many project tractors for sure. I'm dreaming GT's, re-wirering, painting and fixing all night, doing it for real all day after work, repeat........ Wife and kid says I speak horse when they get to see me. Well I guess we live and learn the hard way, and just as we get old and smart enough not to get these brain farts, nature grants us diapers again...... Just swell that is! According to this undertaking of mine, I clearly haven't gotten to the smart fase yet...........
  5. How far will you go?

    Yeah I know, it was unfair of me to flaunt that.
  6. How far will you go?

    Think I got you beat on this one Last fall I did a 8700 and some miles trip to bring home some horses. Granted, most of it was in a tin can in the sky.
  7. Happy Birthday Skipper

    Thank you so much everyone. Don't know what to say.............. You are great!
  8. Just showing my Facebook find

    I Spy at least 3 I would like
  9. How to get a tractor over seas?

    Yeah I would like to spend more time too. It's so nice with an extended family . Last year was to be fair, way too hectic. It was a big job done in a few days, so there was no time to float. You saw the stuff we were hauling, and that was just a minor part of it. Well not quite the same, but along those lines is what I'm thinking. Have to get a feel for it in the grass season first, so I know more precisely what to shoot for. Last time was kind of a 12 gauge in the dark. Shoot and hope for the best......... I agree that the sooner the better for Pat, but on the other hand I do not want to have him pull the trigger on a deal, before I'm 100% sure a rerun of last year is going to happen. Not if I'm going to be in on it anyways.
  10. How to get a tractor over seas?

    Hi Pat Well anything is possible, but whether it is likely and a viable solution or not depends on where your seller is located. Also it would be completely on you what condition it is in, if you want to go that way. Alternatively I am pretty sure I can get my hands on one or two RJ's from my US connections, and that would be close to the ship out point. Just floating this as an option. I will send you a PM with my contact info, so we can try to take the information exchange to the next level.
  11. How to get a tractor over seas?

    Hi my friend. I hope not either. Just trying to be realistic, and lend a hand if needed. Did you see my thread about HC upgrade on the 195 trans? I could really use your wisdom there, and perhaps your connections also to solve the puzzle Keep in touch buddy
  12. How to get a tractor over seas?

    Well you (the american people) elected the door nobs pulling you in that direction. EU may look glittery on the outside, but trust me, being here seems a lot less fun. Take two extremes. EU, and in particular northern Europes rules and regulations, combined with the taxes you would not even believe if I told you about. Compare it to the wild west. Where would you choose to live? Yes it is extreme, but to us in the EU, US was 15-20 years ago, the closest you could get to that freedom, without sacrificing a Certain standard of things. Today you are trying to be like us, and I can for the life of me not see why. You are in the process of breaking down what made america special. Not my place to say so, I know, but it is an observation from a European, that has spend a few years in the US, and found it to be less and less magical to come back over the years. Not trying to stir up a political commotion here.
  13. How to get a tractor over seas?

    If you have the time to wait, I can get it over here much cheaper. Last container I did from the US was a full 40 foot high cube. Garden and lawn tractors, decks and other implements, parts and what not. I have some pretty solid contacts in the US at some good places that can find most anything, and I plan another container for this fall. Anyone interested in getting stuff from the US to Europe are welcome to contact me. I can probably find room for most anything, as long it is not prohibited items or dangerous goods. Dangerous goods can be done though, but it is pretty costly. I can arrange onwards shipping from Denmark to anywhere in Europe too.
  14. Happy Birthday Skipper

    Wauw! Thanks a lot guys. That came unexpected.
  15. How to get a tractor over seas?

    Yes I have had a few containers with various items shipped across the pond. To point out a few things to consider, this would be the short list. First off, let me warn you. Things may seem cheap in the US, and so they often are compared to EU prices, but before you have it on your porch, it may well be another matter. Second off, let me tell you the biggest hurdle to overcome. The american you are going to buy it from................ Yes that's right. Most are very cautious, and many will not even talk to you, let alone believe you, when you call them up from Sweden. Trust me, I have been there many times. Also with people from this forum. It was to be fair, also people from this forum that got me set up eventually, and for that I am deeply greatful. THANKS GUYS! So with persistence and luck, you will find someone that is willing to trust you. Thing is, there are many scammers out there, and to the average American Joe, you might not sound much different than the Indian lady from microsoft that calls you up, just to tell you that your computer needs fixing, and that she only needs your bank info and first born to fix it for you.............. Shipping is expensive, and the less you ship, the more expensive it is. The smallest amount of bulk cargo for container shipping is normally 2 SQ meters. For 1 tractor you can get offers from at least app 500 USD. and upwards to 800 USD. from the shipping companies, and even more from those trying to make money on selling out a partial space like car transportes that wants to make good of the last space in a container, and freight forwarders. There I have been quoted over 1200 USD. This is the container freight alone. Seller will need to fill out correct invoice and export forms and what not. Not many private sellers will want to bother with it. You need to consider inland (US) shipping and handeling, and that can be really costly, depending on where your goods are, in relation to a shipping hub. And who you have on the US side to handle it for you. Calculate at least .5 USD per mile, + handeling fees. If you have an import registered business, this next step is a bit easier and smooth, but in general you can count on the following. When the goods arrive in EU, you need to pay toll, app 12% depending on the goods. That's 12% of everything so far. Cost, inland transportation, shipping, handeling, etc. etc. Then there is the VAT, that you then have to pay on top on the previous total. Not sure what level you are at, but here in DK, that is 25%. So around accumulated 40% on top just for taxes. Then comes the inland transport from EU port to your place. If you can't pick it op from a major harbor your self, that will also cost a fair lot depending on distance. Be sure all offers you get include all paperwork and actual handeling of the goods, customs handeling, toll handeling, VAT handeling, harbor fees, fuel surcharge etc.etc. Be clear with yourself about the risks you run. You buy something you have not seen or tried out. You trust a stranger (most likely the seller) to handle it, pack it, ship it etc, and that's even befor it gets in the hands of a shipping company. You also need to pay up front for it, and hope all is good when it arrives. I'm not saying everyone will try to cheat you, but the bad seeds are certainly out there, which leads back to the foremost point, that you need someone in the US that you can trust, and who wants to work with you on this. Just for fun, lets make a little calculation. 1 pc. RJ58 nice in good complete condition. Lets put that at a 800 USD. Then you need it transported to the shipping hub. It needs to be packaged/crated etc. Lets say you are not too far from a shipping hub, lets say 500 miles. Now lets assume you can get the seller to handle that shipping for you, you may be looking at 300-400 USD for that. Lets say 350. Then it is now at 1150. Then the shipping company takes over and does everything they are supposed to do. Lets put that in the low end at 500 USD incl. all. (can easily be more). Now it is at the EU border, and it is also at 1650 USD. Then you pay Toll, let's low ball it to 10%. That's 165 USD, bringing it up to 1815 USD. Then it is VAT time. I know you have different brackets in Sveden, but I also think this will hit the highest, making it 25%. That racks up 453.75 USD more. Total is now 2268.75 USD. And you still have it sitting on the docks....................................... I'm not trying to burst your boble here, but to be honest, things most often at least triple in price, when you take home single items. The best advice I can give you, is to find someone who takes a whole container home at a time, and piggyback or preorder with that person. Then all the above obstacles are mostly out the way, and most often you also can get a way cheaper tractor, due to costs being minimized. And since all the costs are taxed too, that is what just kills it. If you are in no hurry, and do not mind the transport from Denmark, I can perhaps offer to help you out, as I most likely will put another shipment together this fall. Feel free to send me a message