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  1. something looking sort of like the original ones. I know napa has some, but can't seem to find anything similar online
  2. Can anyone post a link to the rear light replacements please
  3. Nice how it clears up. I find this new water transfer chrome technology even more interesting, and it comes as a DIY kit also
  4. Your point one and two has actually already been on the drawing board And yes, they are solutions to pursue, if a good LSD or Locker is not found for the diff. Racinbob suggested the side breaks to me a while back, and I had the idea floating on doing it with pulleys. So I guess we have had thoughts in similar directions. Hope it means all hope is not lost yet
  5. I was thinking in the lines of building a carrier from scratch to house the locker Lets see how it goes with the spring LSD solution for 8 pinion trans. If that works good, no need to go down this road. Sounds really good, but remember in the hardening process, that you need the tempering afterwards to make sure the spring is softer than the pinion. If that goes well, it should be as simple as selecting thicher raw stock and make more and stronger springs They have not been hardened, so yes, they will do that. Lets cross our fingers that a hardening and tempering will do the trick.
  6. Well if I had to guess, probably because someone at wheel horse felt it was unnecessary, or that it might put more strain on things than they were ready to back with a warranty............... Who knows, But there are tons of items around every one of us, that were also made as a compromise, and not in the ultimate way. That's just the commercial nature of things, and that does not make it wrong to seek improvement Oh and my gut feeling is, that if the spring is compressed just about the same in the 8 and the 10 pinnion diff, the 8 pinnion layout will have a stronger LSD force both static and dynamic. Looking forward to your testing
  7. Wow that's good progress! Sorry for being unclear about it. Problem is that I'm only a closet English speaker, so some words is just not in the vocabulary. So sometimes I just go for it instead of looking up the right word, and then it gets scrambled. My bad. What I meant was. That big gear, that circles the 8 pinions and axles, and to which you bolt the end peaces. If you take that out, and empty it for everything. Now, how big a diameter pipe would you be able to fit inside it? Not having had a unit in hand, I would take a guess that it might be close to 4 inches?
  8. Thanks so much for the pictures. That helped a bunch. I do not see why it should not work the same. Are we sure there is room for it when the carrier is put together. (no rubbing or grinding)? I see there is room to make the spring beefier, and I agree it is a matter of giving the steel the right treatment after fabrication to achieve the "springy" effect that we are looking for. If I can have the dimensions for that spring, and if you will let me know if the outside spring diameter is the same for 8 and 10 pinion units, I will try to contact someone I know that might be able to help out. As I understand it, it is 4150 steel as base material. Is that correct? Also, could you give me the inside dimention of the "sprocket" or carrier, that houses the 8 pinions. Where it is the narrowest please Thanks a lot. I appreciate your effort very much.
  9. Your way of describing how the locker works is spot on with my understanding of it. Well formulated. I am aware the locker needs a carrier, but no one says how to drive that carrier, or what it should look like, as long as it could house that locker. We might as well fit our sprocket to it instead of a ring gear. With the rpm's it's going at, it does not need to be in perfect balance either. Here is a picture of an LSD, with build in carrier. If that could be had in a size where our differential sprocket (is that the correct name, probably not) could fit outside it, and it could fit inside the box, it would be a matter of having some axles made to fit, and it should in theory work.
  10. It might, if it could be widened to take the locker unit, but it might be easier just to build a new carrier to be honest. My priority right now for this is to see if a spring can be put into the 8 pinion. If not, I will try to get data on sizes of lockers and small progressive LSD's. Just learned they come in smaller size for atv/utv use also, so who knows what can be found out there.
  11. Axle Differential Breakage

    I applaud you for setting up this poll. I will excuse myself from participating, since I have had a wheel horse for such a short period of time, that it would be misleading for me to vote.
  12. Thanks. It might not be rationel, perhaps not even sane, but....... OK, so last night I turned this around a million times, and got to ask my self what perhaps should have been the first question of all. Would it be possible to mount a ring of spring steel in an 8 pinion, just like the 10 pinion has it? That would be the easiest fix. Does anyone have an 8 pinion laying open on the table, then pictures would be appreciated.
  13. I see what you are getting at, but it is actually not that extreme conditions that calls for an LSD or Lock diff IMO. It is actually more in the slippery situations, and yes, the 10 pinion would probably do just fine there. Problem arises when that tractor is also being used hard, like loader work etc. Then I fear that the 10 pinion unit will not hold up, and that has nothing directly to do with the LSD in it. Another point of mine is that a lot crazier things has been done with success, and if this upgrade could be done "relatively easy", then why not, I could also ask Besides that, I am guessing a lot of people on the puller scene would have wet dreams about a 1 1/8" rear end, with on the fly locking diff, or progressive LSD. But I totally see your point. Problem for me is that I have a dream tractor, and it's red. And instead of swapping that out for something possibly green, I would rather see if I could overcome the shortcomings of my horse, so it could live up to that dream. Guess that is one reason among many, as why to get lured in by this hobby.
  14. I think you should look a little into the link to that Aussie locker. It has nothing to do with rotational forces engaging it. I know there are other types of automatic Lockers that use centripetal forces to engage, and they will clearly not work as you also point out. I am however fairly sure this other type will work if it can be adapted, only issue I see is if it disengages smoothly enough, or if all torque should be lifted before it does. If so, I think it's back to the drawing board to see if a progressive preloaded LSD can be adapted, even though they are bulky.