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  1. Well it is not that big a deal to have things shipped to the UK from Denmark. I can do that easily. Just let me know.
  2. OK, so I have been looking aroung for rim blanks in 15". I have only come up with speedway motors for a blank that only nearly is wide enough, and Millers for a center disc. These things are hard to find. Can anyone point me to someone selling this stuff and not breaking the bank. app 50$ for a center disk seems as much, when the blank is only 60$. Would like 15x15 with 6 bolt pattern for a c-195. Preferably with loose center disc, so I can make my own judgment on placement. Another option could be removing the center disc and banding the shell. Any idea of price on such an operation, and where to have it done in the Chicago area. (200 mile radius app.) Any input is deeply appreciate. Thanks
  3. Do any of you know how to apply bedliner, so it makes a smooth surface? Just thinning it?
  4. What du you guys use after a blasting. Some sort of easy slip coating? Bedliner? Trying to do a coating that will not let grass etc. stick, and that is strong enough to not be worn out fast. Perhaps a more fluent bedliner mix?
  5. Eaton 1100 Help needed

    I'm listening on the side here too
  6. Battery exploded

    OK, so the china 8 buck + change including freight regulator came in last week. It was really easy to mount. Clear markings, actually the exact same markings as on the other wise identical units that are supposed to be "not china made". To me they look exactly the same................. Not just sort of, but 100% exactly the same, on the outside anyway. I can not see the hardware inside, so I can not be 100% sure, but my gut tells me this is the exact same product, as the much more expensive "originals", which I guess is probably made at the same factory, but probably in the weekends . Just my guess of cause. Well did it work? Yup. It took 5 minutes, and now it charges with precisely 14,2v. No less, no more. Will it last as long as if I had paid a fortune for an original? Well your guess is as good as mine...............
  7. Exactly, and since Denmark is a really small country, people in need of tractors or parts in the surrounding countries, could also benefit from it
  8. 1995 520H Loses Power Uphill

    Tir it to a tree and see if it can spin the tires. If not check the belt drives the hydro unit. If it does, then you know where to look further If you are sure the fluids are OK, and the filter is OK, then i would guess the hydro unit is tired.
  9. Thinking of selling one of my tractors....

    Pictures would help a lot
  10. There is still a few slots in the container, so complete tractors can also be done, but in that case you need hurry a bit. Thomas Getting it to the UK would be peace of cake. Rounding up in the US and getting it shipped into the EU is another matter Send me or DW753 a PM and lets see what we can do.
  11. Question for engine rebuilders

    I would think so too. Has anyone done that?
  12. I have a couple of questions to the paint aficionados The black on the black hood edition? It has been asked repeatedly in this tread, but I have not seen an answer. Maybe it's just my eyes getting old, but I too really would like to know. And Fillers, Primer fillers. I have a few places with some surface rust, and when blasted, there is small pittings. What is the best spray on filler to use to even this kind of smaller imperfections out? Thanks
  13. Package Deal - C195s and stuff

    I'm also sorry to hear about your trouble. I would like to talk to you about continuing the work on them. I have send you a PM. Please get back to me. Thanks Thomas
  14. For those wanting an air cooled diesel to repower with

    Dos anyone have actual experience with the clones? I hear only people talking about what they have heard from a neighbors cousin. It would be cool with some real intel, and not just hearsay. My point is, that these clones are sitting in a great big number of genset's, pumps etc. If they are that bad, I would imagine there would be more hands on reports of it? I'm not trying so say they are good. I just do not know, and I have been thinking about swapping the big twin diesel clone in for a long time, but again, I have found absolutely zero first hand reviews. It's an engine like this I'm contemplating: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/25-Hp-Runsun-Diesel-Engine-Air_50019609195.html?spm=a2700.7724838.2017115.297.c4e09acytmJtd So if anyone has first hand intel, please enlighten us
  15. What do you feed your engine???

    The ethanol is particular bad if it has been left sitting for a long period of time. I think most know the green monster gunk it makes. But it eating anything, that I have never seen. However, it does wash the oil film away much more than the gas, but on the other hand it burns colder, so pros and cons i guess. I'm not afraid of using it, but it pisses me off that it gunks up over time.