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    I have had many. Right now i have five C195. 16Auto with tiller, C160-8 with 9 tooth harrow, C165 auto with tiller, C125 auto.
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  1. Unicorn Horns?

    That seems a bit hefty .......and a bit over advertised
  2. Unicorn Horns?

    at a 100 each, they have to be really bad for it not to be an OK deal, especially if there are better things in it, such as tillers etc.
  3. Ignition switch or starter brushes perhaps. Use a simple multimeter to test starter switch first would be my guess
  4. Finally found a C195

    Ok so belts are like this: Drive belt: 5/8" x 87". (Toro 87.25") Side PTO to Deck: 5/8" x 94" for HD 60" deck, and 1/2" x 92" for std. 60" deck. Remember the flat idler on the frame is also adjustable. You may want to change your mule idler to 5/8 type if you run the HD deck and belt. You can also run the HD deck on std. 1/2" belt. Rear PTO: 1/2" x 151" Deck spindle belt, std 60" SD deck: 1/2" x 117". (Toro 109909, 16.75") Deck spindle belt, HD 60" deck: 5/8" X 131" I know some say that you have to buy oem belts. That's not the case with these. I have 5 195's with all different kinds of belts, and they run equally good and without any problems, being oem or just good quality oe replacements. On the mid mount pulley bracket, i have taken a few pictures, and also with the 36" tiller bracket for comparison. As you can see, the flat side idler is angled, and bigger. Otherwise pretty much the same. If you do not have one, I think you could easily make one up just by modifying one from a tiller. Those are readily available. Just let me know if you need any measurements etc. Pics of rear pto belt routing. Notice the twist between the two flat idlers:
  5. 520-8 vs 418-8

    My bad, did not know the gear reduced steering first came in 1991. However, fixable or not, problems are problems, big or small, even though they are still just potential in this case, so I stand by saying that it should be one of the points to consider. I certainly would have it on my list of cons.

    Hi Steve. I too oue you a big thanks, and then some. About a year ago I was absolutely green in this hobby, and came to this forum with big plans and ideas. You were the one who found it in your big heart to let me inn, help me out, and get me connected and set up big time. You kind of eased me into the flock, and without your help and wealth of information, I highly doubt any of it would have ended with a success. So, what am I trying to say here........ Well. just that it takes a big guy, heart and mind to do and be, what you do and are. It's obvious you have tons of friends in the US. Just want you to know you also have some on the other side of the pond too Thanks Buddy
  7. 520-8 vs 418-8

    To me it would be a weighing of pros and cons. The electrical (potential) problems of the 500 series vs the more simple electrical stuff on the 400 series. Also you have the swept HD axle and gear reduced steering on the 520 as a +. Both will do a good job and be up to the task so..... Engine/power wise I doubt there will be a huge difference to notice. If it was me, I would keep the 520, but on the other hand it will probably fetch some good $$ more so........... Just my Only you can weigh the pros and cons as you see them.
  8. 420LSE

    But seriously.....................a 420LSE and no pictures......................................That just wont cut it Mr. H
  9. Finally found a C195

    I will snap a few pictures for you when I get home from work. Due to time difference that will result in you not having it untill tomorrow US time. The two pulleys you have on front. One on frame and one on mule, is for the deck. The rear pto needs a dual pulley bracket for the mid attach-o-matic, looking much like the one used for the tiller on the other models. Pics are coming. Belt numbers etc. also comes when i get back home. You may be able to see a bit of it in this thread:
  10. Finally found a C195

    Congratulations on that fine machine! Perhaps we should have a C195 club logo made up soon I can recommend the 60" HD deck off a 520, gear reduced steering, and the 50" tiller. It makes it an unbeatable mowing machine that can also turn your garden around with ease I have all the belt sizes etc. on hand, so just ask if you need any info.
  11. IMO it is way hasty to part out a tractor because of a weeping seal, if everything else is OK. Have you tried Eaton? They still sell 1100 model, and carry full range of spares. They even have the drawings with the parts on............................ I'll see if I have an 1100 laying around I can gauge for you. And someone pointed out a seal on ebay too. It's not impossible to get, but it may take a bit of trying..............
  12. How about asking Eaton........................ I'm guessing it would be part of a rebuild kit, and probably a generic size, readily available. Perhaps just measure the shaft and the bore, and go to a bearing/sealing supplier. Just my
  13. Bob, that bedliner solution is good thinking (don't want to say brilliant in public) Strong, wear resistant, and with the right looks and feel. Perfect! Do you mask it off like any other spray paint? I'm so gonna steal that idea............
  14. 1996 520

    The bang must be electrical IMO. Be carefull, those coils pack a punch, and a fully charged condenser has enough juice to do nasty things. Remember that it is DC, and it does not take that much DC to flat line you. If applied correctly .....
  15. Need help and knowledge!