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  1. D series PTO shaft

    This is C195. Don't know how much you can use of that.............
  2. D series PTO shaft

    It's night here now, but I can shoot c195 pics of it in the morning Can you post that partslist and pic, so you get pics of the right stuff.
  3. Craigslist find

    In running and fully working condition that is a 200$ tractor in my book. It's ugly like h... and you need a bunch of work and parts to make it decent again. As it sits there in unknown condition, it's an anker. Just my
  4. Mower Deck underside

  5. Got the rear Woods mower hooked up

    Looks like pfrederi also has non fixed hitch pins (they look like they can slide) and that means you get even more space and flexibility to hook up. You might even be able to drive right into the perfect spot! Brilliant idea!
  6. Got the rear Woods mower hooked up

    Sway chains should not be so short that you cant just hoop up with them on. But tight enough that the arms cant touch the tires with a good margin. I have em set at 2 inches wider than the arms needs to go on each side to hook up. Total 4 inches wider than the hook up width. I usually just lovers the arms to the right hight, and back right up. Step off and hold the arms open, then pull the tractor (or force the rear wheel) back that inch, and slide them right on. You have lug tires, so stepping on a lug to move the tractor backwards is perhaps the easiest for you. Hook up the pto before the arms, and then the top link last, as you can force the position to fit by lowering or raising the rams. (Of cause you are not supposed to have the engine running) Takes a maximum of two minutes from ready to back up till hooked up and on the go, when you find the right way to do it. You may have to try a few times, and perhaps doing things in another order works better for you. Check chains, Well ideally they would keep your pto shaft from parting and making a mess of things, if you partially looses the implement. I don't use them, just makes sure the finger snappers are in place on all hook up points, and then I put my trust in that. Looking forward to hearing how well that thing mows
  7. D series PTO shaft

    It is 1 inch 15 spline. On the D you have the quick coupler going onto the axle, held in place with a roll pin(24). On the C195 it is welded. And in the other end of the quick coupler there is a ring that holds back three steel balls, that locks the pto shaft in place. Same coupler as on the weasler 6 series PTO yoke. https://www.paulbparts.com/product/weasler-tractor-yoke-domestic-6-series-spring-lok-1-15-spline/#attach-implement-yoke-before-shipping This is what the business end looks like in open and closed mode.
  8. 520H for sale questions

    deck and engine is well worth it alone. Go grab it
  9. D series PTO shaft

    Really would prefer new ones. Seems a bit strange that they are so hard to find, when everything else for that type pto shaft is so readily available.
  10. Kohler M20

    With correct shaft to fit C175 etc. Only excellent condition has interest Thanks
  11. For trailer hub conversions I would suggest getting the hub type that has a grease zerk. That fills from the inside/middle, and pushes out old grease. Just an idea for the ones about to do it
  12. What battery for a 520H

    Bigger battery will last longer, as it is not pushed to the limit in peaks. When it comes to batteries, bigger is always better in my book.
  13. D series PTO shaft

    Paul B Parts and others. Domestic Weasler 6 series pto standard parts. Paul B has the biggest selection I have found, and sertainly all you need to build a new PTO shaft. A tip is to get a Clamp on U jount part for the tiller side/axle. The std solution is a bit wobbly, and if you want your pto shaft to not wobble, you want it tight and firm all the way. Make sure you have the length set so it wont bottom out when lowering the tiller. That will put pressure on to the input axle, and mess it all up. I have done a bit of research and trial and error on this pto stuff, so just ask away Besides that, The only thing I haven't found a source for is the quick coupler (part 23). If any one knows where to get it, I would love to know
  14. 1985 Wheel Horse 417-A

    Is it still available?