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  1. Is my Voltometer working?

    This makes sense, the 15 amp fuse is what's blowing, my headlights don't turn on & the mower deck doesn't engage. I didn't see any obvious problems, but I haven't taken the time to really check it over & test it out yet. Sometimes the tractor won't even try to start, other times it fires right up (sometimes after I've tried to bypass the fuse with a wire.) Do you think this has to do with the same short or is it likely a separate problem?
  2. Is my Voltometer working?

    I'm new to small engine repair so please don't roll your eyes too hard at my question I have a Toro Wheel Horse 212-5. The voltometer hasn't moved at all, battery connected or not, running or not. I assume that's not normal? Does it need to be replaced to function normally? The tractor is blowing a fuse and I'm trying to determine if this could be a contributing factor at all. So far the assumption is the fuse is protecting the PTO wiring, based off the wiring diagram & the fact that the mower deck doesn't engage.
  3. Wheel horse blowing 15amp fuse when trying to start

    The tractor is a Toro 212-5. The model# begins with a 3 but is scraped off after that, engine has a stamp reading 'GH400V 0.389L' and Toro Power Plus 12.5 Overhead Valve on the engine cover. It's a 15 amp fuse that blows when I turn the key to run (doesn't even make it to start). I've gone over most of the wires & don't seen any obvious damage, however a few of the grounds are pretty rusty. The tractor has a carburetor issue already, but pouring gas directly into the carb allowed it to start & drive. The fuse blew after I sprayed some carb cleaner in & started it again, it blew out white smoke, backfired & quit. I disconnected a few wires & tried to turn the key a few more times but it blows it each time. I quit trying when I had one fuse left I took the engine cover (forgive my lack of technical terms) and removed roughly 30 acorns & saw one wire that had an abrasion, but no wires showing thru. I do have a multimeter & a test light, but I don't know how to use either, especially to troubleshoot a short.
  4. Wheel horse blowing 15amp fuse when trying to start

    Hi there, I'm having the same problem, did you find a resolution?
  5. Advice needed - Wheel Horse C-81 - worth the price?

    I'd meant to mention earlier about the cost to plow the lane. I only got a few quotes last year but all were $250+. That's what started all this. Reading terms like cylinder pressure & choke make me very nervous about a non-running machine. I don't think I want to waste too much time or $$ on tractor problems. I've never even used a snow blower, so why shouldn't it be used on stone? Does drag directly along the ground? Would a 2 stage work?
  6. Advice needed - Wheel Horse C-81 - worth the price?

    A note on hiring someone to plow Looks like you're about 3.5 hours away, definitely worth the consideration, but still a little more than I was hoping to spend. I'll keep it in mind, thanks!
  7. Advice needed - Wheel Horse C-81 - worth the price?

    I definitely haven't decided yet, this has just been the most I found for the least amount of $$. I've already walked away from 3 tractors that I thought I would love because I learned enough to make a better decision. This one had me interested enough to reach out for advice & I'm more worried now than I was before. In the back of my mind I was seeing this as roughly a $350 tractor with 3 x $100 attachments (figures that could be debated, surely). If can get it running for another $100, then a $450 tractor. My thought is I could eventually sell it & upgrade to a more powerful tractor & I already have the attachments I want. My worry is that I won't be able to get it running & I'll take a loss on it. If so, I can sell it for $200 for parts & I'm still paying $450-550 for 3 attachments. Of course I wish I could just get whatever I wanted, but I can't afford to. I do have a 4wd & didn't need to plow at all last winter. I also haven't needed to mow this year, so I'm actually having a hard time justifying spending any amount on a tractor because I don't actually need it or even expect I'll use it that much. Really, I'm just tired of dragging my little red rider wagon around by hand. I definitely appreciate the input and every bit of it is helping me learn more. If anyone happens to have the perfect tractor for me (& I am not set on a Wheel Horse) please reach out!
  8. Advice needed - Wheel Horse C-81 - worth the price?

    I didn't go to see it but I did ask for a few photos. Evidently is was rebuilt 4 years ago & used to mow grass but hasn't been run in about 2 years. He said he did start it over the winter with starting fluid. I'm reluctant to pass it up primarily due to the attachments, it's almost everything I think I want at a price I can afford. I'd guess it's still available (and maybe even for sale) for all the reasons listed above. I thought this would be a good starter for me, help me understand what I'm dealing with when it comes to a little tractor and figure out what I really do want for when I have a little more expendable income (this new property is a serious fixer upper!) I suspect I will end up doing more hauling than anything. I had a tree fall across my lane this weekend and I really wish I had something to haul the pieces away with! I've been looking for a few months and this has been the best deal I've seen, & I hear a Wheel Horse is a true work horse so I was thinking it could be a sound investment.
  9. Advice needed - Wheel Horse C-81 - worth the price?

    When I 1st bought the property in February, an old plow truck was exactly what I was looking for. After some time (& budgeting), I realized that I needed something with more versatility. I considered an ATV & even just a walk behind blower, but I think a tractor is going to give me the most bang for my buck. I really want something to help me do some 'heavy lifting'. The driveway is pretty level, so nothing steep for actual snow removal. My concern with plowing it is that it's stone topped & on a hillside, some parts of the bank are very steep and drop off a good 20+ feet. I don't want to risk damaging the downhill edge OR sliding off and having a tractor roll over top of me. I decided a nice neat snow blown path down the middle should do, at least until I have a few years to do something about the lane itself. I'm the type to go out and shovel snow multiple times, either for the joy of being in the snow or just so it's easier to do later on, but I definitely want something that will be able to handle a 3' snow if need be. I don't mind having to patiently work thru it (better than breaking my back) but I definitely need something able to handle it. I do want a plow still. I'm trying to level & fill in some low lying areas and I think a plow would really help. I'm not sure what the deck is just yet, but I haven't used my push mower yet this year so the deck may well be up for grabs. I think I'm getting the impression this would probably be good enough for what I need, for now, so long as it runs once those parts are replaced. I'm not sure how to determine if that's the real reason it won't start outside of taking the seller's word for it. Any suggestions on things to check to help me determine if that's it's biggest problems? Do C-81s have any popular recurring issues I should expect to run into? I realize a 40 year old tractor is bound to have some problems, I'm just hoping to avoid thousands of dollars of repairs. Very useful comments, thank you!
  10. Advice needed - Wheel Horse C-81 - worth the price?

    Thank you! I'm located in central Pennsylvania, we get some heavy snow at times, but it's not the norm. I don't know much beyond what's listed in the ad, I wasn't sure what to even ask! I don't mind poking around, but I have never worked on an engine beyond regular maintenance, so I'll likely try to replace the parts myself and call for help if I can't get it to start. I think I'll go check it out, get some of my own photos try to restrain myself from giving him all my $$
  11. I'm in the market for a small tractor but I know nothing about them, so, I'm here for advice. Any helpful input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! I have virtually no yard, so the mower deck is a not important to me. What I primarily want it for is hauling heavy stuff and snow blowing a 1/4 mile lane. I would also like to be able to push dirt around with it. A bucket loader would be awesome, however, I don't think I can afford it. Of course I have a budget, trying to stay under $500, but that seems impossible to do with a snow blower included. I spotted this on Craigslist am trying to determine if it's worthwhile. The price it's listed for is $850 but said he could do $650 when I offered $500 and asked for a bottom line. I'm concerned about it being 8hp & 2wd (according to http://www.tractordata.com/lawn-tractors/000/4/4/445-wheel-horse-c-81.html) " Wheel horse C-81 newer rebuild engine but needs a fuel pump and a pit cock in the tank comes with snow blower mower deck and lawn cart. "