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  1. After dinner I decided to do some initial checking and found the problem immediately. The 2-3 inch bar that sticks out of the shifting rod was hitting the battery. I moved the battery forward, tightened it down well and the shifting lever works just fine. Thanks for your replies. gwest, that's a good idea. I cleaned out quite a bit of grass that was behind the gas tank. There may be quite a bit more.
  2. Thanks for the replies. gwest: the model is 22-14OE01 Achto: I live in Dane County WHX12: Thanks for the info about parts. Some of them are now obsolete and discontinued.
  3. The shift lever on my 244-H will not move to the reverse position. It moves to the forward position and neutral position just fine. Also, I can push the tractor backwards manually. I would appreciate any suggestions about how to fix this problem. Thanks.