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  1. Icy Machine

    Hahahaha this machine has more issues than the ice. This one is on the list for repair. Knuckle head who I got it from looks like he used a sledge hammer to get the pto off and slipped cracking the oil pan. It had an onan.
  2. Icy Machine

    My daughter was out taking pictures this morning and took a picture of the Toro. I thought it looked cool. Have a Merry Christmas everyone.
  3. What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Great Thread! You guys have much more creativity than me. My sons Raider 12 pulling tractor is "Good Ole Rusty" and we are still undecided about my father inlaws GT-110 but leaning towards "Tetanus Shot" lol or " Parts-n-Farts" lol
  4. 8" front rim for Work Horse

    All set. I bought 2 more Wheel Horses.....lol
  5. GT-1100 ignition switch help

    The coil is mounted right above the flywheel? I'm not sure what this tractor is supposed to have. It had an electrical meltdown before I got it and the guy wasn't to handy...... being nice here. Lol
  6. GT-1100 ignition switch help

    The electronic shop had exactly what I needed. I have everything I can wire wired but the diagram shows a third wire coming off the stator? I took the flywheel off again and took the stator off. I don't see any broken wires. The diagram is saying I need S start b battery r regulator m magnito g ground a accessory I have all but that magnito. Is it needed?
  7. GT-1100 ignition switch help

    Ok perfect. Thank you!! Yes I have an electronic shop close by. I'll swing in there tomorrow. This tractor is fighting every step of the way!
  8. GT-1100 ignition switch help

    I unbolted the engine cleaned one spot and put a ground to the chassis. Thanks for the tip. But now I have another problem. That diode broke. It must have been brittle in the electrical meltdown. Does anyone know what it is and where I can get one? The engine turns over so that's a plus. lol
  9. GT-1100 ignition switch help

    Ok thanks. I wil give is a try tomorrow evening. Hopefully it runs. oh 2 more questions with the wiring. One wire goes to the bottom of the throttle plate from the magnito. What does that do? Just a ground? Also this engine doesn't have a ground wire to the chassis. Should it be?
  10. GT-1100 ignition switch help

    Thanks guys for the replies. I looked at the schematics and noticed "red" on the top leading from the magnito/spark plug. Any idea what that is? Also my tractor didn't have a rectifier. Is it supposed to have one? I would have included model number and serial number by that tag is completely sun faded. So what I connected to that ignition switch is: coil wire to the S post magnito to M volt meter to B ( fuse from solenoid to volt meter out to ign. Switch) ground to G This tractor was a wiring mess plus had an electrical melt down. Oh oh another thing I found was a small diode of some sort coming off one of the wires along the frame from the magnito. Thanks again for the input. Oh that makes it very clear. Thanks. I don't have a regulator....not that I have found anyway.
  11. I searched the site but didn't find the info I need. I am working on this tractor for my father inlaw to pull with. I took all the implements and safety switches off. I just got this new replacement switch for switch model #103991. Now that I eliminated a bunch of wires and possibly now the wires are not in the correct spot for the switch, the tractor doesn't start. This tractor has a starter solenoid and volt meter as well. Can someone please tell me which wire needs to go to which pole on the switch. thank you
  12. Briggs 11HP Governor questions

    I know this is an old thread but im in the same position. Hopefully by now you have it running. Any help hooking up the linkages would help.
  13. 8" front rim for Work Horse

    After further cleaning and inspection I found one of the front rims is a John Deere 6". I need an 8" if anyone has an extra. Thank you.
  14. A Horse Bit Me Today

    Yes still has the original engine. It seems to have have good compression. I just made a parts list for it. That's funny. Trees and vines must like these. This one had a small tree starting and vines all over it.
  15. A Horse Bit Me Today

    Look what I picked up today. This is going to be puller for my father-in law. Soon grandson and grandpa will be battling it out. Its crazy to see what people do to their tractors. I have some work ahead of me. I'm sure I'll be in the classifieds section looking for parts shortly.