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  1. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    More progress on the Work Horse pulling tractor. I got the wheelie bars mocked up and ready to weld and paint tomorrow. Hopefully by the end of the week I can get the body work painted.
  2. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Got the pulling hitch all welded up. Crunch time now. Only 2 weeks until the first pull.
  3. Thanks guys for all the help. This morning I caved in and brought the carburetor to a professional. The carb still had a slight fuel leak and that linkage issue. The owners father was a huge Wheelhorse guy. He fixed the fuel leak and showed me why it wasn’t working properly. One of the levers on the plate was behind the linkage that would press on the choke. This machine had so many bent pieces I didn’t know what was supposed to be bent or straight. Lol In the end it lives. I just got done tuning by ear and took it for a ride. Thanks again! Now on to make it look presentable, add the pulling hitch, wheelie bars and weight. 13705E55-A2ED-4068-9795-52032A0604E6.MOV
  4. Yes you are correct 252417-0664-01 date code is 84022911
  5. Thank you Garry for the file but this one doesn’t have that choke plate that my tractor has. Looks like the smaller 8hp have a similar plate but not as large as this. I have been looking at videos, diagrams and pictures for days. This set up must not have been used for to long seeing that I haven’t found any other than a couple exploded views.
  6. Thank you Howie for the suggestion. I did exactly that. It was off just a bit but now it is set end tightened. I am off from work today. I am going to work on it until I get it. This machine has been tough since day one. The previous own did really bad back yard mechanical work to this machine.
  7. Thank you for the help. No problem. It’s icing here too now. It was freezing working in the garage today and yesterday was 70’s. Crazy weather. Yes I took the carb off for rebuild. I was thinking the previous owner might have done something to the governor also. It was off just a bit. I reset it and is on tight now. There are two holes on the governor, one for the throttle linkage and the other for the spring. I think I have them in the correct spots. That’s where I’m stumped. This machine was apart when I got it. I haven’t been able to find a picture of how it’s supposed to look together. I have seen parts exploded views so I knew what I needed to make it complete but orientation is where I may be mixing up.
  8. Thank you Gary for the manual download. Lots of great ideas for future to eliminate what I have now. This current setup is overly complicated. If there was a separated choke cable It would be much easier. Would you have a later version of this choke a matic bracket control? I think my machine is a 1984. It has a large plate attached to the bottom of the carb and block. From the exploded view I think I have everything in the correct orientation but for some reason when I throttle up I’m getting resistance. The throttle cable moves freely on its own. The plate functions freely when not attached but when I put it all together it’s fighting..lol
  9. So I finally got the GT-1100 running and shutting down. I rebuilt the carburetor with a new rebuild kit the other day but now I need help with the linkages and springs on the choke a matic. I think I found all the items needed to make it work somewhere on this machine( under the seat, in the cooling fins of the engine, and behind the battery) I found a few diagrams showing me exploded parts breakdowns but I haven’t found any showing a complete unit. Does anyone have a picture of the front side and rear of this choke a matic? I think I have everything hooked up correctly but it won’t run full throttle. It seems the throttle cable is pushing in the wrong direction or fighting with the governor linkage. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Briggs 11hp

    Have you come across a diagram for your carb? Is it a choke o magic? I just rebuilt mine. This machine was a basket case when I got it. The carburetor is now together but I think I am still missing a spring. I am slowly figuring out what parts are missing on this machine.
  11. Wheel Horse GT14 axles

    Thank you for measuring them. Those are to long for me. I am looking for shorter axles for my project Work Horse.
  12. Wheel Horse GT14 axles

    Are these sold? Can you tell me the length?
  13. Rear end axle length question

    Thank you for the terrific information. The 11 1/4 should work well on the WorkHorse. I haven’t measured the space but appears to be about an inch with the hub flush with the end of the axle. Do you have any source for axles? Do the axles have keyway cut in them?
  14. Rear end axle length question

    Thank you Randy. I was told a few guys are pulling with widened rims. I was looking for a cheap and easy route...lol The Raider 12 distance between the back of the hub and axle housing is much closer than the distance on this GT-1100. Later today I will have to measure that back spacing. Maybe the rim has a different offset. I have been thinking of a shortened axle or somehow machining a longer key way in the axle. One guy last pulling season had said his Wheel Horse rear end was narrowed. I still haven’t found any information on that. What I am finding that there isn’t anything cheap or easy in modifying a pulling tractor. Everything has been taking more time and more money to do. But...it’s all good. Lol