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  1. Junk yard save!

    Going tomorrow and to look at one of these. No pics just word of mouth, but it must be pretty good. The owner is asking $$675.00. If Iknew get it soloist some pics. She also told me where a 1970 WH 800 was sitting also. I'm not familiar with the 800. So I'm not sure of the value of one of those. Any thoughts on either would be appreciated. Thanks Brent
  2. GE brochures...

    Interesting reading there, thanks for sharing.
  3. Adult pedal tractors?

    Maybe a mod, with Taller rims & tires and chain drive
  4. Just wondering if anyone is using full synthetic gear lube in this application?
  5. What do you feed your engine???

    I guess I should have added this. My Meat Head Son in Law has had Temporary ownership of my 312-8 for several years. He doesn't take care of anything he has. MY MISTAKE, anyway he filled a partially empty fuel tank with STODARD SOLOVENT. He thought that the 5 gal Jerry can had gas in it, WRONG. Then he calls me and tells me that the engine won't crank. You might look in the Electrical Section for what I ended up with a Engine Won't Crank. I won't fill this thread up with all that. As for fuel additives, each to their own. Brent
  6. What do you feed your engine???

    ALL of my outdoor equipment get 110/130 octane av gas. Not one drop of that corn fuel. Just a couple of questions here. Were any of these engines running in an extended rich fuel air ratio? How old was the oil in each engine, and how clean was it? Were the engine cooling fins clear, or plugged? How is the engine timing? One thought Im having is detonation. Excessive dirty oil can cause heat build up, and carbon deposits. To rich of a mixture can cause both detonation and heat build up along with added carbon deposits from that unburned fuel. If the engine isn't getting the proper cooling that can also cause pre ignition with added heat. I'm just wondering if any of this may be a reason for the damage noted. I borescoped my 312 a couple of weeks ago after it had been operated with a mixture of Stodard Solovent & Gas. I wish I could have taken pictures to show everyone. But the valves, piston, head,& cylinder wall looked very clean for a 1300+hour engine. I also use Seafoam, but my Meathead Son in Law doesn't. Since I had loaned her to him to use. My Mistake.
  7. Wheelhorse 308-8 Axle Seals

    Tom, You are one Lucky guy with a very nice neighbor. Just wondering if she has any friends that might be in a similar situation?
  8. Cost to sleeve a kohler block.

    Oldredrider, one more question for ya. Where or who is your outlet for the after market parts? Thanks Brent
  9. Tool box full of tools

    Squonk, got any idea how or where you might list them whenI you get ready? Im in a similar situation with a shop full of Snap On tools and boxes?
  10. 1996 Toro Wheel Horse 312-8 anniversary edition

    Sure wish you were closer. Seems like ALL the GOOD ONES are on the East coast.
  11. No Crank, I may have killed my horse

    Phil, Sorry to hear about your problem. Like you said before, you thought you had her fixed. That's aggravating to say the least especially if your trying to use it around the homestead. Good Luck, keep us posted. Question 4, Aldon or 953. Just curious, are most of the wiring connectors available from NAPA. As in ignition switch female plug? Also, when you desire, do you pull the old harness out. Lay it out and build from there? Along with using the Ol I phone for pictures of the before? Just curious, never know when that experience will be needed on this end. Thanks and Get R Done, Phil. Brent


  13. project pud puller build

    OK Fast88, You've done an Awesome job on that Horse. I don't think we have to many puppetsthe in my area. Just wondering where a guy would look for information on pulling and is there a web site for it? Best of Luck in Your Pulling. Please keep posting updates. Brent
  14. 312 Won't Crank Over????

    953, and the rest of the crew. THANKS. Sorta looks like, Naw. No looking like. It was that darn little ground wire All along. Made another one up, cause the New replacement one that came with the New Solenoid walked off. Turned the key and the Electrical System is fixed. Wouldn't stay running, STARTS for a bit, but LOTS of WHITE SMOKE. You won't believe this, but if any of you have the Good Fortune of having a Meathead of a Son in Law. You might understand. T/S ing the no fuel, I started at the gas tank, its almost full but smells stale. Pulled the bowl off the carb, no fuel. Cranked it over with the fuel line off from the pump to carb. No fuel? Back to the fuel line, blew air thru it. Gas smells really strange. Called the son in law. Where did you buy the gas for the tractor. Oh, I got it out of that 5 gal Jerry can in the shed. Oh really, that isn't gas. It's Stodard Solvent! So he then asks, is that why it was Smoking so much and hard to Start. So, I'm done for today, doctors take my day tomorrow. So stay tuned, this will be interesting I'm sure. I think I'm going to tell him its time for him to Buy his own mower? Brent
  15. 312 Won't Crank Over????

    Thanks, Here goes.