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  1. 417A Won't move??

    Ordered the pulley and filter from NAPA today. It will be Wednesday before I can pick them up. Ill keeplooking ya posted.
  2. 42in mower deck belt tension

    That's just it, those plastic shoulder washers? Not sure where those would go, but it looks like a nice nylon fender washer would be ideal under the steel washer on top of the tension bar. Not sure if there is a rotating bushing that rides in the slot of that bar. If not looks like a good place for one. Without a parts breakdown I don't know.
  3. Wildfires here in Oklahoma

    Prayers for EVERYONE & some Good Set weather are on their way from Ohio.
  4. 42in mower deck belt tension

    Moe1965 is trying to repair his deck. Lots of suggestions on what parts to replace. Now not to sound stupid, but where can one find those parts now a days. The reason I ask is the 417A that I just purchased needs a lot of TLC, PARTS included. It also makes it difficult to research without any manuals. My local TORO distributor treats Wheel Horse customers like they have some communicable disease. They hate to look up parts, because they usually are obsolete. So if there is an easier way to obtain parts, I'm All Ears.
  5. Tiller tines

    How many different types of rear mounted tillers did WH make?

    Just wondering if any of you guys have ever used a product called Evapo Rust? I've heard a great rust buster. If I can find it, I'm gonna try it on this deck.
  7. 417A Won't move??

    Thanks for those P/Ns Gary. Looks like I have a very wide variety of choices. Gotta go to NAPA today for some truck parts so ill try one of those P/Ns. You wouldn't by chance have a NAPA P/N for the trans filter would ya? 953Nut, That's one for the books. The inner race was also broken in half. My photos didn't show that to well. The other amazing thing is I inspected the belt and it looks fine for the age. I imagine its probably stretched . I don't see any c racks or burnt spots.
  8. 417A Won't move??

    Well, I think I found one problem. It's just amazing that someone can let a nice piece of equipment go on this long and be so unaware of any problem. The Captain calls these folks IDIOTS. But I find it Amazing that she went on as long as she did in that condition. I guess you can say these Ol Girls are built Tough. Now for the real fun, to find the parts.

    This deck is off off.my 417A that I picked up yesterday. I've just started my clean up. So far I think it will be fine once I give it some TLC. PO sure didn't. So far its just 3in 1 tool & the trusty power washer. PO didn't think much of the tiller either!
  10. 312 creeping throttle

    Just picked this up yesterday. PO, didn't know anything about PM. This season my plans with this boy is to bust up the soil after I've plowed it. I know, the tines are shot and I'm looking for replacements. So far it looks like ill be doing some weld repair. I'm sure the axle seals are shot. Took me quite a while to cut off ALL the garbage that was twisted as tire as a rope around both shafts. Ill have to keep an eye on the fluid since I'm expecting it to run out as soon as I refill it.
  11. 417A Won't move??

    Thanks Everyone. After breakfast, its off to do some more investigating. The belt makes sense, because when I started her. I got a burning rubber smell. I shut it down right away.
  12. Purchased this Girl today. It only has 320 hrs showing on the hour meter. But it looks like those were some hard hours. The engine runs, but it won't move in either coward or reverse. It pushes easy. I power washed it when I got it home, easier to work on when its not dripping with oil & grease. I picked this in a package deal with a tiller, 2 wheel trailer, and a roller. Everything looks like it has been rode hard and put away wet & dirty. I doubt any preventive maintenance was done. Drained some real thick dirty oil out of the engine. I'm going to change all the fluids before I do anything else. I did a search here for 417A. The only thing that came up, was changing transmission oil. So, in the morning I'm going to take off both side panels and investigate further. I need to find some manuals. So anyone have any thoughts on what my problem is? Here's some before pics.
  13. Tiller tines

    Just wondering if anyone here has done any weld repair to their tines. I still have to pick my tiller up!, it came in a package deal with a 417A, trailer, tiller, mower, roller, cultivated & some misc parts. The tines on the tiller are really worn. I'm not able to find any new ones for less than $28.00 A piece from the Toro dealers. So I'm thinking about cutting some 5/16" X 1 1/2" X 5 1/2" plate and welding it onto the worn ends of each time. Any thoughts or ideas on this would be Appreciated. Thanks