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    1987 312-8 (upgraded to a 417), the beast
    1989 520, project
    1971 A800 Ranger
    1970 Electro 12
    1982 SK486
    1976 C120, 61-12KS01
    1971 800 special, 1-0150-6, 785181
    1964 Lawn Ranger, sn 15247
    1972 Massey 12
    1989 212-H, 3212Be01, 46508, sn9024
    1974 C160, 1-0380-9 sn65651
    1988 212-6, 3212K602, 34091
    1978 c-161, 81-16B8

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    1960 400 Suburban

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    1968 Massey 35 deluxe
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    400 series case loader

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    1927 model T tudor
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  1. Hello, new owner here.

    Ah yes, the love of the black hood. Nice
  2. 500 special near to me

    First one up here Been a horseman for 6 years
  3. Shop/Shed cleaning

    My kingdom for that shed!!!!!!!
  4. 500 special near to me

    Hi guys, gals. A 500 special came up for sale in my neck or the woods. Owner says it runs. I've read thru some great threads on this one but still not sure if it would be that special. I need some convincing or un-convincing if you will. He's asking 300. Thought maybe 200 but I just don't know. On the fence.
  5. Electric PTO from verticle to horizontal

    My mistake. The one with the bad tranny is a 257. 17 hp kawasaki. My bad
  6. Electric PTO from verticle to horizontal

    I'll tear into it the next day or two. Thanks
  7. Electric PTO from verticle to horizontal

    That's a good plan. Will do that. Still leaves me with an electric clutch free
  8. So I've been a busy little beaver. Now have 4 count em 4 212's. Two work great the third has a tranny that's hurting real bad and the forth needs an engine rebuild. So I was thinkin, "Smell the wood burning??" Could I adapt the electric PTO clutch to one of my horizontal horses. Say my c120 or my electro 12? Given the crank shaft needs to be the same diameter. Whatcha think?
  9. Gotta get MA an amp guage like that.
  10. C161 right place at the right time

    You nailed it Eric. Exhaust seat is burnt to rat. Will pull the engine to get a close look at how bad.
  11. WH Cart Spotted

    Have only seen the belly pan ones. Nice
  12. C161 right place at the right time

    Thinking I'll give it a warm bubble bath then see why the rear cylinder is at 15 psi. Head gasket....... stuck valve....... Loose valve seat....... or the dreaded rings.
  13. Out for a drive with the misses and low and behold at the end of a lane way was a c161. Home to get the trailer and 1hr later the herd has grown yet again. 50 bucks got me what wants to be a black hood. Maybe the dark night. Not run for 4 years. Tranny shifts good, tires are tubed so they hold air. Deck is good. Blower is........... well we will see. Motor has 90 psi in the forward and 15 in the rear. It has spark. The fibre glass pan and hood are in decent shape too. Can't make out model # yet
  14. Sheared head bolt "help"

    Lots of good ideas in that thread, thanks. Might go with a 1/6 or 1/8 th diamond coated bit to get a good pilot thru it then open to 3/6 ths. Then heat and go with a 1/4 left hand drill. Just gotta be sure it's as close centre as I can. The left over thread is an inch long and open thru the back.