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    1987 312-8 (upgraded to a 417), the beast
    1989 520, project
    1971 A800 Ranger
    1970 Electro 12
    1982 SK486
    1976 C120, 61-12KS01
    1971 800 special, 1-0150-6, 785181
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    1972 Massey 12

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    1960 400 Suburban

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    1968 Massey 35 deluxe
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    1927 model T tudor
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  1. 212H to look at

    I was curious about the year. Couldn't find it in the " wheelhorseallyears " PDF Thanks. Hopefully the engine model # is visible. It would make life alot easier.
  2. 212H to look at

    Thanks squonk, Light duty is ok. I have a few beasts in the herd already. Was going to let my daughter use my A800 Ranger this year but, if I get this one might let her use it, being a hydro and all. And if it works out I have a plow I could modify / fab to fit for the winter too. The gman
  3. 212H to look at

    Going to look at a 212H tomorrow. Verticle shaft. Is this an Eaton tranny? PO says it has a solid motor but the starter went out on it. The price is real good. Anyone have one?
  4. Hello from Kent UK 512-D owner

  5. 518-H restoration

    Excellent work
  6. Need Help

    Maybe I should expand my search. I don't mind doing fab work to make them fit if needed. Was going to post on the classifieds if I didn't have any luck.
  7. Need Help

    Have every thing needed but the fenders. Trans is rebuilt and ready for paint. Wasn't gonna start the restore till I found fenders.
  8. Need Help

    Parts for a 60 suburban are hard enough to find on a good day. Been looking for fenders for a while now The sum of the parts to buy one by one can fetch well north of $500.
  9. Sprayer project

    Truly professional work.
  10. Finished up work on the A800 ranger. Time to figure out the c120. The ranger got; Complete rewire. 👍 New points.👍 Re-timed and a new head gasket.👍 Carb rebuild. 👍 Full service. 👍 My daughter is gonna use it this year. She has just under 1/2 an acre to cut. Now the challenge is the c120. Picked this up in Jan. Price was right and I was really just after the motor but the rest of it just had to come home too. Not sure if it's all there but the fun will be in finding out. So far I figure a broken clutch pedal and one rotted tire. The po had already taken it apart to restore but other things got in the way. The motor is stout and roars like a tiger. I'm gonna put it all back together first...... fix what I find then tear down to restore. It's the transmission I don't know about. Po said it works fine......... Hmmmmm. Don't know much about them at the moment but "forum" research ans help here I come!!! Transaxle oil is low but clean and the tow valve doesn't look like it's been loosened for a while. The frame sat outside for a year. Thought I might change the oil and run it with an electric motor to see????? The axles are free and smooth. Anything I should be careful of?????
  11. I'm Back on Good Behavior

    Put a 17 II I rebuilt in my 312-8, love it. I did change out the oil sentry switch for an electric oil guage. Do not like the champion rv plugs. Data sheet calls for resistence value of 6k - 15k. Mine were both over 180k and built up carbon overnite. . Went thru. a bunch of nos to find good ones. Still looking for non resistor replacements with the right heat range. Wish I had a nice chrome housing with the heat tube like yours. When you get to it....... what's the cylinder compressions?
  12. Looks very wet everywhere. Had an old impala that would light up like a christmas tree around the plug wires. Shorting all over. Dry everything? 25kvolts will find the easiest path if the wire insulation is weak. Water in the float bowel will cause a no fire. Ether should make it fire for a second or two though.
  13. Ok then..... if I counted all the parts usable I'd run out of your fingers and toes..... mine.... and everyone else's.My 520 has a blown forward cylinder I'm not looking forward to attacking. If that engine will come back to life it's a mega score, not mention part after part after part. Running out of fingers and toes.
  14. Playing with the 603

    Gotta set of those on my Massey 12. Imagine if they were dualies.
  15. New horse and first hydro!

    I like .... I like. What's that under the hood at the front. ??? Is it a horn??gaaa