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    1988 257H
    1978 c-161, 81-16B8
    1990 520H

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    1960 400 Suburban

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  1. New package

    Showroom quality for sure
  2. C120 started smoking

    Got this c120 this past winter, it was in pieces. Figured I'd put it back together, see what was missing, check out all the workings and search the hoard to make it complete then tear it back down and restore. Well....... got everything I needed but now it's starting to smoke. Been running it for about a month as I'd put stuff on and it was 90% smoke free. Just in the last few days it started to smoke like a chimney. On start up and on throttle up. Pulled the valve cover off to make sure it was venting and draining back to the block. All good...... I did over fill it a bit as it was hard to see the oil level. What ya think?
  3. New shoes for 520

    They look great. Here in the great white north that would run me about $300 with tax.
  4. What is it?????

    Looks much better all gussied up. I could use this around the farm. He wants too much for it. $ 600 😢
  5. What is it?????

    Ok then...... What is / was it??? Owner claims it's a wheel horse!!!! Beats the poop outa me. Don't know about that one!?!?!?!
  6. Wheel Horse 417A with at the least one blown head gasket

    Definitely worth the effort. I did a complete rebuild on a 17 series 2 and put it in my 312-8 and it's now my daily driver. You remove the mounting bolts, turn the engine 90 deg. and get at both cylinders very easily. While your at it lap the valves. Access to the springs are from the top. And.......... if you find the con rods/cylinders are good you can freshen them up by removing the cylinders (jugs), hone them and install new rings. All with the engine still on the chasiss. Second largest? Engine in a horse other than the D series
  7. 267H Electrical Problem

    I have a 1988 257h and was blowing the 30 amp. Turns out it wasn't charging as well. Blew out the diodes and scorched a number of wires in the harness. Had to rebuild the harness in that area. It's possible if your not charging either. The clutch draws very little current to clamp "on". Before it fixed it I could cut grass for 5+ hrs with no charging.
  8. Is it a D180???

    Thanks for the info. guys. Have wanted a D for awhile. Kinda round out the collection. They just look tough!!! Just gotta convince my wife to a 12 hour round trip. Or maybe get away for the weekend.
  9. Is it a D180???

    Looks like a 180 to me but not sure. Can get it for reallllly reallllllly cheap but it's 6 hrs away. Owner says the motor turns over. Is it a 180?
  10. Hello, new owner here.

    Ah yes, the love of the black hood. Nice
  11. 500 special near to me

    First one up here Been a horseman for 6 years
  12. Shop/Shed cleaning

    My kingdom for that shed!!!!!!!
  13. 500 special near to me

    Hi guys, gals. A 500 special came up for sale in my neck or the woods. Owner says it runs. I've read thru some great threads on this one but still not sure if it would be that special. I need some convincing or un-convincing if you will. He's asking 300. Thought maybe 200 but I just don't know. On the fence.
  14. Electric PTO from verticle to horizontal

    My mistake. The one with the bad tranny is a 257. 17 hp kawasaki. My bad