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    1987 312-8 (upgraded to a 417), the beast
    1989 520, project
    1971 A800 Ranger
    1970 Electro 12
    1982 SK486
    1976 C120, 61-12KS01
    1971 800 special, 1-0150-6, 785181
    1964 Lawn Ranger, sn 15247
    1972 Massey 12

    Coming soon
    1959 Suburban

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    1968 Massey 35 deluxe
    1975 Massey 1085
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    400 series case loader

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    1927 model T tudor
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  1. Very nice John Gonna follow this.
  2. Push it, blow it or ride over it.

    That's way cool Dan. 🎿
  3. Don't now if this was posted before. Didn't find it anywhere. And it looks like the summer runners can go back on it
  4. Why buy an older tractor? (wheel horse in particular)

    and and Where else can you get near 24/7 help from experts for free. Some even take stuff apart to show you. Hmmmmm. Can we get amen to that.
  5. Friction disk shouldn't be worn out or you would talking about "what heck is that noise". My money is on the pto adjustment. Gotta be able to grip it and rip it.
  6. charger 8

    Too nice to part out. An air bag might have saved that steering wheel???
  7. HALF a HORSE.

    Read through the whole thread. Those are some serious fab skills you have there.
  8. Opinions please. 1964 Lawn Ranger

    I know I know............ Wife likes it........... What's that about happy wife???????
  9. Opinions please. 1964 Lawn Ranger

    Yea..... and swap between Ags out front too. Why not!!!! Gotem both
  10. Opinions please. 1964 Lawn Ranger

    They do indeed. Thanks for the encouraging push.
  11. Opinions please. 1964 Lawn Ranger

    Let me introduce the newest member of the herd Spent about two hours out there and had a nice chat with the fellow. He said he had about 40....... yes 40 garden tractors. Health was not good anymore and was selling them all off except for two 1960s colts (from the Case series). All that was left was the ranger and another colt. And........ once he knew I like wheel horse he told me he sold a senior some years ago. A guy saw it and offered him 1,000 for it. It was all there and running. Anyway........ I was told I would love it and yes........ I do. Do I sound excited yet? Drove it around for 20 min. when I got home. Not 100% original but don't care. How bout now....... excited? I like the look of the bug eyed headlights. Right size for hood. And the Bullitt taillights too. Kinda reminds me of the early farm all and my 68 massey. Some attention needed here and there. And the deck needs work but very solid. Some Ags maybe? Enough rambling.......... 😎 🐾 🐾 🐾
  12. Opinions please. 1964 Lawn Ranger

    I did....... I am....... and I will. Friend of mine lives near there and he looked at it for me. Said if I didn't he would. Off I go tomorrow.
  13. http://how-to-get-rid-of-mice.com/ultrasonic-pest-repellers-and-mouse-repellents/ Hmmmmm.... don't know about that one. Sounds like the jury may still be out

    What a great looking tractor. Doesn't it have electric start? The seat......... the seat..... my kingdom for the seat. I pick my 64 up on Sunday.
  15. Opinions please. 1964 Lawn Ranger

    Thanks guys, Left him a message. Bout an hr drive for me. I'm going to go look like you've said can't hurt.