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  1. Rebuild or go new

    This spring I found a guy who turned a hobby into a good small business. All my engine stuff now comes from from him. It's all $$CDN$$ but gives you a fair reference as to what some $$ values may run (cheaper for you I expect). I just did a complete rebuild on a K341, my cost for all the parts I needed and machine work was $220.00. Food for thought??????? Hi Gary will be growing inventory, if anything your after let me know and I can see what I can do. pricing (note pistons come in std + .010 +.020 +.030 +.040) connecting rods std -.010 -.020 kohler rebuild kit including piston (rings, wrist pin, clips) complete gasket set, connecting rod - $160 individual pricing air filter with pre filter 14.50 carburetor $60 k301 piston $59.16 K321 piston $65.73 K341 piston $78.88 k241 piston waiting on shipment k241 connecting rod $$46 K301 connecting rod $46 K341 connecting rod $52.58 K241 - K341 complete gasket set $65.73 exhaust valve $26.50 intake valve $20 coil $46 points $19.71 spark plug champion cj8 $6.56 carburetor connector (90 elbow on carburetor to fuel line, metal) $10.50 head gasket individual $13.14 governor arm ball joint arm that connects to carburetor ball $13.14 fuel filter (two units) $9.20 gas line (pricing at time of sale) valve guides (not in stock, finding source) kohler crank bearings (price to be determined when stock arrives) ***************** Machining service pricing ************************* if purchased rebuild kit bore and hone $60 valve job $50 a valve ( includes grind face and stem, cutting valve seat) if purchasing new valve a discount on the job is applied if pressed in dip stick tube needs removal $10 blocks should be bare when delivered
  2. Wheel horse 310-8

    Be sure to go to the search icon, then select all content then select files and enter in 310-8 and search. More there than you could imagine. Your engine, switch, wiring diagram and more.......
  3. Wheel horse 310-8

    The test button, sometimes a little spring toggle switch just checks that all the bulbs in the test panel work. If it's there..... the oil sensor should be on the passenger side...... (haha haha like it's a car or something). Near the engine base pointing towards the rear. That's were it is on the 12's. If is does in fact disable the engine startup I expect it would be interlocked into the kill wire providing a short to ground. I'd have to look at my 12. It's up at the farm helping out a Massey 12 until I get around to rebuilding it's hh120.
  4. Wheel horse 310-8

    Not sure about the 10's but the 12's have a low oil sensor ( internal float) of sorts. Should prevent it from starting if the oil is low although not entirely sure. Especially if it's been disconnected.
  5. Wheel horse 310-8

    While your at it and if you're up to it...... since the head and valve cover will be off why not lap the valves while you're in there. Might help the smoke a bit. Just be sure to check and adjust the valve clearance after.
  6. C120 ready to restore........???

    It's rustoleum apple red. Looks like fire red in the shade which is still a shade or more up from regal red. My neice's favorite colour is baby blue. I said....that ain't happining so she picked apple red. Whewwwww........ avoided a clan war.
  7. Thinking about it.

    Would it take six or eight 6volt batteries and would they need to be deep cylcle? Brushed or brushless motors? It is from the guy with the mega collection. He knew nothing about it. Waiting for some or the "e wh" guys to come along. ☺🐾🐾🐾
  8. Saving another from scrap!!

    Must be a spare for those road trips. My Silverado had dual tanks
  9. I'm in the hmmmmm, thinking should I shouldn't I on an electric model I saw a few weeks ago No batteries, the motor spins on the tractor What should I ask, look at and look for? What do I need to bring as a minimum to test both motors?
  10. Ran out of oil!

    Two sidways and fuzzy pics of the two lub systems on the series II.
  11. Ran out of oil!

    A couple of quickie suggestions for you if you don't have a compression tester. Fire it up then pull a plug wire or fire it up with one wire off then repeat with the other wire. Pull the suspected spark plug out if you find a problem with one cylinder and put your thumb or finger over the plug hole to feel for pressure. Glove yourself if it hot in there. If you find a bad cylinder but think you have compession remove the valve cover and look for a broken spring. Then of course there's the spark at the plugs, check them too. I'm sure you realize a thrown rod is a disaster waiting to happen every time you start it or turn it over. The block is aluminum. Kinda like the tazmainam devil in a box. Waiting for the diagnosis..............
  12. C120 ready to restore........???

    And some are destined to serve others. This one just donated it's lift arm for a plow on the sk486 I'm refreshing for my neice. She's on a limited budget, lives a little north of me and is in the snow belt. Her 8 hp 26 wide big box store walker just doesn't cut it (clear it ). She's getting this for 1/2 of what I paid for it and at my cost for parts. Why, its family and because I love what I do. She picked the colour, so long as it was red. Not a resoration, but strong, stout and proud again thanks to some othe horses. Gonna buy and donate a full decal set to the cause as well. Good for another 30 years I'd say.
  13. C120 ready to restore........???

    Been thinking about doing that just to keep it all together in one place.
  14. C120 ready to restore........???

    Me neither. It is so beaten and broken down. I know all about the quick fix, but this was the poster child for it!!!!!
  15. You got to know it's gonna be a whopper when the ad says this and no pics because the cameras on the fritz. Too much wrong, abused and hacked to make it roll again. Didn't want to see it go to waste so it will donate itself for parts. The deck and thrower are salvagable and maybe the tranny. At worst the tranny can be a learning experience for me. It is sad to see but I'll put it to good use. The engine is worth rebuilding. I'm not the greatest welder but........ wow what a mess.