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  1. Hi gwest_ca I wanted to say you for all your help now my wheel horse is back up and running like new if it wasn't for your help I'd never been able to get this wiring problem solved. I took small engine repair course but they never had enough students to teach the electrical part of the class so therefore I'm having to learn the wiring on my own. So I really learned a lot off you it's great to have someone to teach me their knowledge.thank you again
  2. Ok can tell me what I need to do with wires from circuit board.the board has been removed from Tracy or the ground has been grounded back to the board bracket the red wire from the battery terminal on key switch has been unhooked from the board but still hooked to the terminal on switch just need to know how or what to do with other safety switch wires that were unhooked from the board
  3. Ok what do I do with all other wires that came off circuit board
  4. Ok I have a black wire with a round end on it coming from the center of the back of the hour meter.is this a ground wire ? Does it need to be hooked back to the board bracket that holds the board to the dash?
  5. Where does the red wire coming from battery terminal on key switch need to be hooked to in order to bypass the circuit board
  6. Circuit board went bad and don't want to pay out for new board or repair. I've been told few different ways to wire up but seems simplest way is to hook wire from battery terminal on key switch to fuse box. Fuse box has two open slots a male slot and female slot and need to know which slot I should hook wire to and where to route black ground wire or can anyone tell me how to wire it to keep charging system hooked up.i want to make this wheel horse run but don't know anything about bypassing safety switch circuit boards. This tractor was running like a champ til the battery kept going dead so I replaced the battery with new one the same size then I turned key one notch and it blew the safety switch light circuit board on the dash can anyone walk me through the steps to bypass the board